WCR Videos: RD's Wrestlecrap / Death Of WCW Panel At Starrcast Promos

Back in May (2018), Former WCW President, Eric Bischoff, gave an unflattering opinion of RD Reynolds and Bryan Alvarez and their "The Death Of WCW" book on his "83 Weeks" podcast (The episode dealt with the infamous "Finger Poke of Doom", where on the post Starrcade 1998 edition of WCW Monday Nitro, Kevin Nash laid down for Hulk Hogan after a simple zap from his finger to lose the WCW World Title) after his co-host, Conrad Thompson, (also the co-host of the popular podcasts "Something To Wrestle With" with Bruce Prichard and "What Happened When" with Tony Schiavone) used the book as a reference point.

RD and Blade later played excerpts of Easy E's quotes on Wrestlecrap Radio to give their own retort (on episode #273). In one excerpt, Conrad manages to persuade Eric to go to Starrcast, by "All-In" in Chicago (on Saturday September 1st), where a "Death Of WCW" Panel will be held, which prompts RD to announce that he too will be there to debate him and defend his book (and will bring Blade as backup) among other featured guests Kevin Sullivan and JJ Dillon.

RD also uploaded a YouTube video to also announce that he will be holding a Wrestlecrap Panel (on the Friday before) with guests: Oscar from Men On A Mission, Dr D. David Schulz and former WCW World Champion...David Arquette. And then later uploaded another two videos in response to Bischoff's further tirades against him.

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