So, the 2018 Gooker...

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2018 was a...pretty awful year field wise, made even worse by apathy and fatigue across it all. Oh sure, the indies and other small/potentially rising promotions seem to be going along as planned for the most part, and TNA still exists (for now).

But the big fish of goodness. It's unsurprising that all 10 nominees this year are theirs, and this was BEFORE they got the "bright" "idea" to feature more McMahon McAction on television!

So anyway, who've we got?

  • Drake Maverick's Bathroom Issues: Gotta love bathroom humor, no?
  • Kevin Owen's Bathroom Issues: Ibid.
  • Sasha-Bayley On Again/Off Again Feud: Not as bad as bowel issues, but still pretty embarrassing. Goes to show how important storylines and coherent threads are, and what happens otherwise. I hope to up above we don't find out that Vince Russo had secretly written this.
  • Sami Zayn Messing Around With Three Men In Drag: Ibid.
  • 10 Year Old Tag Team Champion Nicholas: Agreeing that it was Mostly Harmless, this is more for its position in a 100 hour long Wrestlemania more than anything.
  • Baron Cor-RAW-bin: My mindset is that Vince had him on for as long as he did because he wasn't a McMahon and his first name is Baron, making him hallucinate that he was actually a von Raschke. That could explain why he was around longer than was absolutely necessary.
  • Undertaker Defeating John Cena In Three Minutes At Wrestlemania: No time for a match that fans have been requesting for many years, we need 90 hours of Nicholas instead! That will put butts in seats!
  • The Exploitation Of Jim Neidhart: Sad, but unfortunately expected. I'm just thankful they didn't reference that time he had a particularly random appearance in TNA, where he beat up someone decades younger and in more shape than him at that point, only to disappear never to return. (I'm also thankful they didn't do this for dearly missed Piper. We would probably have had Rousey copy his WCW tenure by cutting strange promos about training in Alcatraz and/or innuendo-laced trash talk. ("I'm coming!"))

These are all bad, but admittedly there's nothing really standing out in the sea of blandess that was 2018 WWE.

Anything else then?

  • Sudden "Best In The" World Champion Shane McMahon: Now we're talking. This is pure textbook bad WWF-E here. Have a weeks long "tournament", have the final match on PPV, then have a new challenger enter and take the championship despite not competing before hand and only now appearing. (Isn't this usually done with a briefcase?) The fact that it is a McMahon doing this (even if it is the one person considered the most "normal" of the whole bunch) further adds to the hilarious awfulness that everything before that was pointless.

And by the way, where did that "win" take place at?

  • WWE Crown Jewel

Ohhhhhhhhhh boy (oh boy oh boy).

That is my pick, for obvious reasons too long to list here. But hey, that's what an induction is for right?

Again, go and vote here! It's free!

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