Episode 46: Avengers Argue: October 21, 2019

38 minutes

RD thinks their episodes have numbering discrepancies. Blade is left to quietly mumble yet again.

RD has to remind younger Blade about 45" records for some reason. (:04)

This week RD has no itinerary. Instead Blade thinks the two should argue-debate superhero/movies. This gets the old MovieTrolla running once again.

RD's favorite "comic book superhero movie of the last decade" confuses him slightly due to the dates. He goes with the obvious The Dark Knight followed by Spider-Man 2. (:10) "Edward Scissorhands does not count as a superhero movie." Blade goes with Sin City. He visited Peter Parker's pizzeria one time.

Blade had recently seen (The) Joker. Both enjoyed its morbid entertainment. (:12) Blade thinks it rivals his favorite movie of all time, Piranha 3D. 

For the favorite movie of the recent decade, Blade thankfully does not go for Sin City 2. (:17) He does however really connect with Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool 1 & 2, Suicide Squad (why?) and X-Men: Dark Phoenix (why?) alongside (The) Joker. He sticks with his X-Men guns, albeit honorably for once. (Yes, I know.) In that same turn, RD liked Avengers: Infinity War more than Endgame due to its excessive time traveling. (:22) Blade hasn't seen the latter due to Disney-MCU burnout, and randomly argues with him over watching things in actual cinemas. As part of his argument, he once tried to watch Logan on his one day off, only for it to be interrupted by a tornado warning. He had to wait another six months to see the rest of it. So...his viewpoint is better then?

Anyway, RD would go with Infinity War, Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2 (and its Mike Check era songs), Batman V Superman (his favorite, one of the few who liked it), Shazam, and Wonder Woman. (:30) Blade thinks Iron Man was in too many movies when he is not distracted by some of the movies he watches, if they even have come out yet, and he has actually seen them yet during his work.

To close out the recording, Blade only has one (1) choice to make. As expected, he fails.

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