Episode 47: Star Warhorse: December 21, 2019

41 minutes

Your annual reminder that Blade once
dressed up as Darth Maul for Halloween
in order to scare his sister.
RD eats some thematic cereal with "all natural marshmallows". But does he use blue milk?

He is planning to go see Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker again since he liked the majority of it, even if it was "a series of video game cutscenes" a half hour too long with an attack of the cloned Palpatine. (:06) Blade rambles on about how the old movies were also with little explanation during "the search for Porkins." He further confuses by agreeing with RD on liking the movie. [As do I...from a certain point of view.]

Blade finds the Ewoks' ideas intriguing to him, and he wishes to subscribe to their newsletter. (:14)

RD admits he wrote The Book of Lists Exclamation Point because he believes lists are dumb. (:16) He then does his old mother impression because "talking with you is fascinating."

After or perhaps because of said impression, he pulls in his wife, appalled that he doesn't like space horses. (:23) She no sells one of Blade's signature bad jokes.

RD found the pandering fan service laughable, including Chewbacca finally getting his medal on film. Blade stresses out for some reason. They then argue over ships. (:28)

RD shoots down yet another of Blade's half-baked theories about dying characters, including one Death Star destroyer. (:31)

Blade got over his jadedness to confirm (again) that he liked the movie, giving it two yubnubs up despite the lack of Bossk or midriffs. He does not yet have Disney+. He has LaserDiscs for that.

Blade now likes the prequels ironically. RD pounces, mercilessly using it to his advantage to shut him down and end the show. It's all in the timing. (:38)

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