288 The Turkey Drop: November 25, 2019

A Turkey Of A Show!
95 minutes

Blade has already started the Thanksgiving drinking. He has to since his voice is shot from shouting while wrestling the day before.

RD wants more Hundred Dollar Men/Crappers so he can wear a Nikolai Volkoff Cent Sign shirt on their behalf. I'm sure Virgil would come free regardless of cost.

WWE is so bad it makes RD think it can be improved by old Hulk Hogan freestyling. (:10)

The Lions are playing so awfully that Blade is time-outing himself so he can forget/ignore them. (:12) RD already encountered Little Debbie Snowflake Brownies which are like all the rest. So he calls up his lady to try their Holiday Spice Christmas Tree Cake. It has cinnamon, cloves, & nutmeg on the front, and a square maze on the back. It tastes alright. RD persuades her to return to the show sooner than 10 years like the last time.

Blade's only child and potential heir is a ventriloquist dummy who once took a fall onto hard concrete. (He got better.) (:23) Brock Lesnar's daughter Maya has committed to Arizona State University due to her exemplary shot-putting. Blade stumbles while trying to make another "joke". Tito Santana has written a book titled Don't Call Me Chico. RD wonders if Jesse "Chico" Ventura will write a foreword. Blade remembers the possibility of Hulk Hogan vs. Ken Patera's swinging full nelson at Wrestlemania IV. Purchasing the book also includes a phone call with its author. Blade would want him on the show so he could ask him about women in cars. RD would ask him about his "bullfighting training".

RD wants to discuss wrestling things to be grateful for while Blade wants a "quick show", preferably within 3 hours. (:34) RD is grateful for Blade and his corded phone and the other connections he has made with his site, AEW vs. NXT on Wednesday, and the WWE Network where he can watch Survivor Series Jimmy Garvin. Random discussion about Linda McMahon's old Wrestlemania theme ensues. Blade is grateful for his Midnight Rose and Mr. Fitness 2 tag teaming for around a decade now and in movies and hopefully visiting the UK in January, Mickie James still being around and active (instead of Tammy), and Demolition still being around and whole.

Eric K. asks what their favorite Thanksgiving food is. (:50) RD's is pecan pie. Blade rambles about eating room temperature raw turkey when he was younger.

RD wants Bill Apter on the show again. (:55) He could discuss PWI October 1991 of which Blade guesses features Sid Vicious. The centerfold is Lex Luger. The back cover is Captain Lou Albano with his awkward wrestling hotline 1-900-LOU-4-YOU. I don't think he would have given Super Mario Bros 3 tips over that.

15 year old Blade recorded a JR hotline on cassette tape because he thought he hosted a late night talk show and felt ripped off when he found out the truth. He does his Jim impression.

Speaking of old cassette tapes, Mike Check is back in his "Eye in the Sky", the WWCR Party helicopter as part of his live remote. (:66) His idea is...such...that WKRP In Cincinatti famously did this before Jim could: a turkey drop. However, this time is different!

He has parachutes for them.

Needless to say, he has another 'accident' as it is proven that, once again, as God is our witness, turkeys still can't fly.

(Also he apparently worked with Jaime Farr in Toledo.)

RD Jr. went to his first show with his old man, AEW Dynamite in Indianapolis. (:75) RD notes his kid is following the same route he took at his age; being more interested in games with the wrestling interest perhaps coming up later while growing ridiculously tall. RD thinks the promotion and audience comprise a "happy cult", most likely because it did not have that wrestling arena aroma. They were the only ones who tried to leave before the Dark taping since Jr. had an early day, and one fan was super excited that Cody Rhodes was coming. At least Jr. seemed to enjoy the whole thing.

The Co-Hosses could only record all this during the concurrently running Survivor Series. Why is that a bad thing?

One of the 12 Listeners appeared on 205 Live.

Here's the Haiku with Extra Time about CM Punk on WWE Backstage:
CM Punk on Fox.
A Raw/Smackdown recap show.
Makes me Go To Sleep.

$31.50 plus that $19.99 The Price Is Right

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • WrestleCrap Radio Sponsors: 3. wrestlecrap.com, Patreon, wrestlecrapradio.com
  • URLs not taken: 0.
  • SPEAKING OFs: 0.
  • Dave Meltzer, not talking about: 0.
  •  Blade's Poor Performance Excuse: Yelled at kids at an Indy show last night.
  •  Phone Calls & Run Ins: 3. Mrs Deal, Bill Apter, Mike Check
  • Mike Check Radio Row: 
    • Station/Market:  N/A (Toledo, OH)
    • Radio Call Sign:  N/A
    • Show:  N/A
    • Song:  N/A
 Apparently, Mike Check was thrown from a helicopter sans parachute.
  • Blade Time Outs:  12
  • RD Time Outs:  9
  • Cricket Chirps:  2
  • Mama's Broken Damn Damn Damn Dishes:  2
  • RJ Fletcher, Yes Man:  5
  • Weird Al Laughs:  1
  • Krankor Laughs:  1
  • WrestleCrap Gongs:  2
  • Question of the Week from: Erik K
    • What is your favorite food for Thanksgiving? RD:  Pecan pie. Blade:  Room temperature turkey.
  • WrestleCrap 3 Count:  What 3 things in wrestling are you thankful for?
    • RD: All the friends he’s garnered running WrestleCrap, Wednesday night's wrestling war, the WWE Network. 
    • Blade: Demolition are still together, having Mickey James around, Midnight Rose and Mr. Fitness' decade run
  • Blade Braxton’s Weekly Wrestling Haiku: CM Punk with more pipe bombs?
    CM Punk on Fox.
    A Raw/Smackdown recap show.
    Makes me Go To Sleep.

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