Episode 48: April Awfulness: April 1, 2020

44 minutes

RD: "I was a fool."

RD has forgotten the last time they did this when they talked about Star Wars. Blade has to keep entertaining the people. He once found WC during his regular search for the Black Scorpion. RD: "How can things be bad?"

WC is currently has some March Madness April Awfulness through a tournament vote on the worst gimmick of them all in honor of its 20th anniversary. (:07) Blade: "Boy I tell ya, 2020 is shaping up to be a great year."


Round 1, Quarter 1 (FIGHT):

  • Bastion Booger vs. The Ding Dongs: Blade cannot get behind bell ringing so he goes with the DDs. RD wants them to win too but he thinks they will lose.
  • Katie Vick vs. TL Hopper: Both go for the cheerleader in Blade's basement.
  • MIRROR MATCH: IRS vs. Captain Mike Rotundo/Rotunda: Blade found IRS stupider then, but nowadays not as bad as a Captain of a varsity club turned boat. He still thinks IRS will win though the Captain should win due to his horrible t-shirt.
  • Pirate Paul Burchill vs. Funkasaurus Brodus Clay: Blade goes with the random pirate who he has already forgotten due to his drinking. RD wants him to win also to nautically fight the Captain.
  • Rambo Greg Gagne vs. "The Dragon": Blade finds Ricky Steamboat's 'reintroduction' dumb, but the two go with the man with the deadly boring monologues. 
  • BATTLE OF THE BIG MEN: Great Khali vs. Giant Gonzalez: Blade thinks Khali will win due to being more recent but they both want his challenger to win due to his actual awfulness.
  • Judy Bagwell vs. Bertha Faye: Both go with Judy who is expected to win due to her bad appearances and dragging down her son with her.
  • Claire Lynch vs. Piggy James: Both think Claire will win although "fat" Mickie James is absurd beyond all reason. Blade will vote for his Centaur.
Round 1, Quarter 2 (FIGHT): (:15)

  • MIRROR MATCH: Fake Diesel & Razor Ramon vs. Oz: Both will vote for Oz who may win due to being extremely dumb and distracting Blade from his pornography. RD can't afford Mama on his show.
  • Isaac Yankem DDS vs. Gary Spivey: Both go with the dentist since they love the other so much. They both want Gary to win regardless.
  • SPORTS: The Goon vs. Abe "Knuckleball" Schwartz: Both go with Abe, the expected winner.
  • The Gobbeldy Gooker vs. Max Moon: A tough matchup to be sure, but they go with their mascot.
  • LATE 90s: Beaver Cleavage vs. Glacier: Both go with Beaver. Glacier is too good to be around here!
  • The Booty Man vs. Farting Natalya Neidhart: Booty was ridiculously awful and had Kimberley Page of all people, but recent Natty may get the edge here.
  • STUBBY: Rocco vs. Chucky: Both go with Rocco due to his interfering with the Legion of Doom.
  • Xanta Klaus vs. Cheatum the Evil One-Eyed Midget: The Deal Maker was an integral part of the early days, so both go with him.
Round 1, Quarter 3 (FIGHT): (:22)

  •  Pro Wrestler Jay Leno vs. Survivor Jenna Morasca: Both are bad but the two go with Jay in what is admittedly a very close match (and his at least being better in the ring), but RD thinks Jenna will progress.
  • Outback Jack vs. Se7en: RD thinks Jack will win easily, though Blade remembers RD laughing about Rhodes and his Baloney Pony among its general badness.
  • The Shockmaster vs. Duke "The Dumpster" Droese: Both think the Shockmaster will trip into a blowout.
  • QUESTIONABLE CHAMPIONS: WCW Champion David Arquette vs. WWE Champion Jinder Mahal: Both go with David though he may not be as recent as the other guy.
  • HORRIBLE ONE-NAMED WRESTLERS: Nailz vs. Zeus: Both go with Blade's favorite Zeus in another close match.
  • Adam Rose with Bunny vs. Kerwin White: Both go with the more "memorable" and longer lasting Adam.
  • The Repo Man vs. WCW's Mystery Man: Both go with the classic Repo Man before he can steal their stuff. Blade: "Ironically it's the worst possible match-up you could ever get if you wanted to see Road Warrior Animal take on Demolition Smash."
  • The Dungeon of Doom vs. Billionaire Ted: A tough one, but Blade will go with the Dungeon due to the very random Ted. RD agrees with him.
Round 1, Quarter 4 (FIGHT): (:32)

  • Black Scorpion vs. Gene "Boba Foot" Snitsky: RD wants Blade's Scorpion to destroy his opponent.
  • KISS Demon vs. Saba Simba: Blade thinks Saba was not a good idea. His Book of Lists Exclamation Point was signed by Tony Atlas. RD goes with him but he thinks the Demon will win this one.
  • SEX SEX SEX: Meat vs. Hugh G. Rection: Both want Meat to win but they think the other one will be bigger.
  • Al Wilson vs. Billy & Chuck: Blade once worked with a guy who was involved with writing both. He will go with Al in honor of his daughter. RD wants him to win though it may be hard against the other two.
  • BIRD BIRD BIRD: Red Rooster vs. Sting's Guard Bird: Blade is speechless so he asks Bitey for help. He doesn't have an opinion either. So Blade goes with Red, "the worst gimmick of all time" in said Book of Lists. Both wonder if Sting will make a run for it regardless since he is more recent. RD wants Bitey to choose again.
  • The Yeti vs. Dink the Clown: Dink is bad enough to win but both will go with the Yeti anyway (if the Dungeon of Doom doesn't win for him that is).
  • Mantaur vs. Naked Mideon: RD for the former, Blade for the latter.
  • The Boogeyman vs. Papa Shango: Blade takes a while before choosing the former, RD for the latter.
Neither is sure who will win the whole thing anyway due to all the badness present. Even the Black Scorpion has tough competition in his quarter.

The two will return once this round has been decided within the next few days, assuming Blade will still be alive by then.

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