Episode 52: Halloween HavoCrap: October 8, 2020

44 minutes

Sad News: Halloween Crunch makes water yellow instead of green.

Blade: "I can guarantee it will make your pee turn yellow."

This brings up arguing over what color urine should be. Blade wants it clear, much to RD's confused research.

The two try to escape things then by trying to remember early Halloween Havocs. (:07)

  • Blade remembers a commercial for the first in '89 with Big Bully Busick helping build the (original) Thunderdome while AC/DC played. RD doesn't remember that. Blade: "You shouldn't."
  • Blade remembers a very specific period of WCW between '89 and '90. RD does his Jim Ross impression. Blade forgets people, but he does remember the Feet of Doom.
  • RD of course remembers Barry Windham as Fake Sting in PPV Scramblevision. Blade remembers watching him in proto-240p 70s fidelity, then taking the videos to distract his colleagues in metal class.
  • RD also remembers the Chamber of Horrors without Bruno Sammartino. Lex Luger did have an underrated feud with Stan Hansen however.
  • Blade of course remembers the Black Scorpion. Sadly he did not team up with the Halloween Phantom. Blade remembers when the latter took off his mask. 
  • RD remembers Oz losing to Bill Kazmaier, sadly not among random tombstones. He also remembers Tony Schiavone as a pedophile vampire.
  • Blade remembers Jake "The Snake" Roberts spinning a wheel to make a deal with Cheatum. Ron Simmons had to fight the Barbarian of all people. Blade: "I enjoyed the Barbarian."
Blade can't remember much else since he was watching boxing instead during this time. RD threatens to do some more remembering for their Halloween recording to make up for the lack of a September taping.

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