Episode 53: Halloween HavoCrap II: October 31, 2020

47 minutes

Having fully recovered from eating angry jerky and wanting to go fu**ck themselves and each other within 30 seconds, and thus free to continue from earlier in the month, the Co-Fruitcakes discuss more on (old) Halloween Havocs. 

 RD: "You're happy that I'm unhappy. What a nice guy."

Blade shames RD for forgetting recordings from several weeks ago.

  • Blade remembers Ric Flair's first last retirement match against Hulk Hogan in '94 despite not watching. The Honky Tonk Man had a ten minute match. RD plays Paul Orndorff's old synthesizer theme.
  • Blade remembers '95's bad sumo monster truck wrestling on top of Cobo Hall and the Giant regenerating after taking a splash instead of the other matches of wavering quality and a horny Yeti. His random wondering about initials makes Huey laugh.
  • Miss Elizabeth was in a "neutral corner" for Hogan vs. Savage '96, confusing Blade as to timelines. Steve Michael wrestled 10 minutes too long.
  • '97 saw the interminable Piper-Hogan feud continue a year too late with an awful non-title match. RD: "He was kinda stupid in WCW." Blade tries to 'rant' about bad booking without swearing. He fails.
  • RD tries testing Blade's theme knowledge but his system won't play along at first. Thankfully the power of Alex Wright hip thrusting pierces through (but not his match with McMichael which was not a hell of a wictory).
  • Hogan and Warrior in '98 was bad enough. That it was not the main event was worse. That it pushed the actual main event off the PPV timings was the worst. Blade complains about Star Wars again.
  • Flair had to suffer against Scott Steiner in a match so memorable neither can remember it (or much else about that show).
  • '99 was another 'memorable' event. "Sadly" Berlyn was on the show and "sadly" he lost.
  • 2000 was a complete tossup due to "Above Average" Mike Sanders. John Tenta once connected RD to Mike Awesome over the phone. Goldberg won the four minute main event against Kronik. Alex Wright managed to make space to dance regardless (he won his tag match with dance partner Disco Inferno). RD wants him on Cameo and/or their radio progrem.

RD gives Blade a B for his memory, which is more than what would Bryan would get. No word on Dave's memory though.

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