Episode 55: Chapter 17: The Podcast: December 22, 2020

 32 minutes

The Co-Christmas-Fruitcakes finally listen to me for once and decide to discuss The Mandalorian. I have in fact spoken!

Spoilers abound obviously. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Blade finally decided to listen to reason and watched the whole two seasons so he could catch up with RD, and surprised the two by rediscovering his dormant love of the franchise with it, last seen 15 years ago with Revenge of the Sith. 

While RD liked the show as a whole, he thought every episode was a "video game cut-scene" as Mando and Baby Yoda are sent here and there on fetch quests, which Blade agrees on. Even the inexplicably returned Boba Fett, who was separated from his armor somehow in a sarlacc, found the ability to fully clean and repair it once reunited to look like a cosplayer in the middle of their rescue operation. Blade also agrees. 

RD does like Carl Weathers appearing (and directing) in the show. Blade also agrees. He also likes Michael Biehn appearing in the show. Unfortunately neither likes Sasha Banks appearing in the show. Most wrestlers appearing outside the business do that to Blade though (with the exception of Dwayne Johnson and Dave Bautista since Drax). RD does not personally dislike her, but watching her mishandled in WWE has colored his watching.

RD was hooked ever since the pilot with Mando's bounty mentioning missing Life Day. Blade was hooked with an Ewok movie reference.

Anyway, the season finale with Video Game Luke Skywalker fighting through Iron Man Dark Troopers seemed cartoonish to RD, although he did like it overall. Blade wonders when stormtroopers will finally shoot straight, but he too liked Luke's appearance and his taking over of Baby Yoda, and the post-credits return to Tatooine. RD laughs as his Eastern European prospector accent.

Blade is adamant the sequel trilogy will be Force Retconned by Ahsoka Tano. One has to wait and see.

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