Episode 50: NES John: July 23, 2020

46 minutes

The previous WWCR recording exhausted the two to no end. Good news though: RD won his Sid Vicious card. He is unnerved by his smile.

Expected reminiscing abounds. RD is surprised the show got 3 listeners. Sad News: Hungry Howie's is no longer with us...around RD's neighborhood. Blade wants to leave RD alone as he takes his half hour commute to and from work. (:08) He repeats himself as he remembers the taco meat scooper. And the bees. And that one Christmas.

Blade had people mailing in their favorite moments. Not me of course. (:13) RD gives a discount code for his Etsy shop with a new name. (The old URL still works though.)

One fan on Instagram remembers RD eating said Hungry Howie's in cave fidelity. Another fan on Instagram remembers RD bloodlusting for Tam to go to jail. RD: "Eventually wishes do come true." Taylor on Instagram remembers Star Wars. RD wishes they fought more in their earlier days. Blade: "I have matured much more than RD Reynolds, kids." Nobody on RD's Facebook page had anything for him, as expected. Blade remembers when they tried to find a Coach.

With that out of the way, the two decide to talk about "NES Pro Wrestling Games". (:20) Blade remembers his first game: Bandai's (Tag Team Match:) MUSCLE Wrestling. RD found it mediocre; he preferred Matmania and Mania Challenge. Blade explains a guy in a mask.

RD also found NES WrestleMania awful. Blade of course didn't mind it since he was younger and couldn't do whatever he wanted since he was still a teenager and he could play as Demolition Smash (but not Axe). (:25)

RD has to remind Blade that Raw related games came out after the NES' lifecycle and the Mountie's tenure. (:31)

RD mocks Blade by having an Atari Lynx and Larry the Rat. (:34) He noisily plays California Games.

RD also preferred NES WCW of which he did a coaster set of, with hot Ricky Steamboat pipe wrench action and Andre the Giant Machine/WCW Master. He doesn't remember much Tecmo World Wrestling so he noisily plays Tecmo Super Bowl on the Genesis instead. Blade doesn't either but he doesn't have his own copy either. (:40) He has to make due with watching it online.

Ultimately both choose Nintendo's Pro Wrestling, which shockingly has yet to appear on Switch or fully in a Smash Bros. game.

The two plan to debate Ewoks next time, or whatever else the Patrons would prefer. [COUGHTheMandalorianCOUGH] RD hates every S/NES Star Wars game. 

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