Random Thoughts From The Office: Salute This, March 5, 2010

My name is Clarence "Showstealer" Mason and I am not Wrestlicious.

Mind you if I won the lottery the idea of owning my own women's wrestling promotion does appeal, as Blah quoted from me when the idea of Wrestlicious first came to be there are worse ways to get a date and I guess that is a fantasy for every 19 year old male. But I am not a fan of Wrestlicious, just as I wasn't a fan of WOW, just as I wasn't a fan of GLOW and I'm not for one reason. I think it cheapens women's wrestling and makes it a poor sideshow attraction (Kind of like Nintendo John but somehow more annoying)

It frustrates the hell out of me, womens' wrestling can work at least on an independent level, federations like SHIMMER have shown us that and the wrestling seen is usually better than a lot you see from guys on Raw, Smackdown or Impact. With stars like Cheerleader Melissa, Allison Danger, Sara Del Ray and Amazing Kong they have proven to be a great underground hit, add this to the fact they showcase new talent like a Jessie McKay or a Madison Eagles (*sigh* My Angel) and they put forth good matches up and down the card.

Why is that so hard nowadays? To book a compelling two and a half hour show for a major event shouldn't be that hard, let alone a 24 minute show like Wrestlicious. Yet it always seems that when women's wrestling is in the spotlight on a national stage it's either filled with stupid characters and bad comedy (Seriously I love Lizzy Valentine but Kandi Kisses I'm looking in your direction, let me give you some career advice. If you're really aiming to be a pop superstar, ripping off 3 Count isn't the way to go. I never saw their video and suddenly wanted to be Evan Karagias) or it's filled with pretty faces who put on basic matches and are terrible at doing that (Maryse I'm now looking your direction, or more truthfully I'm trying not cause quite frankly you scare me. You look like Medusa (The Mythical One not the Monster Truck Diving, throwing belts in trash cans women's wrestler)). And with the recent releases of Kong and Melissa it doesn't look like TNA is going to be any better.

One of the best matches I saw last year was Sara Del Ray vs Madison Eagles from SHIMMER, women's wrestling can work and yet it seems unless you're a pretty face or are willing to humiliate yourself you'll never get ahead in the business. That's all the sadder for knowing it.

Another quick thought in the Salute to Women of my Random Thoughts and my favorite TV Woman at the moment, not in terms of looks although she is quite good to look at or even wrestling ability just in general. Chelsea, Desmond Wolfe's valet, what happened to the good old days of the valet? I remember with fond memories the days of Babydoll, Sensational Sherri, Precious and of course Miss Elizabeth and I think these days are a good way to go again for the big two. Let's be honest, women's wrestling on a national basis is a joke and will never be fixed, it frustrates me but it's also the way it is. So why not take these girls who aren't doing anything, like for example a Taylor Wilde and let them get over that way, even up till a few years ago with Stacy Keibler the idea of a valet worked and with a girl like Taylor, you know she can get involved and give you the goods, something that made Sherri a cut above in her days, espcially in the AWA. By doing that you accomplish two things, you still get the gorgeous women on TV and give the guys something to look at and you also improve the women's wrestling product by leaving it just for the wrestlers. In other words you can have your cake and eat it too.......unless you're Michelle McCool in which case you won't eat anything.

There is virtually no downside and a hell of a lot of upside if you just give it a go and maybe then once again the women of wrestling will be able to be saluted again.

Or Wrestlicious could become the next big hit.....God knows the wrestling gods do seem to like a joke that way.

Clarence "Showstealer" Mason

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