168 WrestliciousCrap Radio: March 5, 2010

74 minutes

A middle-finger salute from the looks of it.
Being inspired by the first episode of Wrestlicious, the greatest wrestling show since WSX, RD makes some sort WrestleCrap's Salute to Women, which sounds more like a badly sexist short from the 50's. Speaking of sexism, Blade explains apartment wrestling to us. Sadly it does not involve Paul Christy in any way, shape or form.

Speaking of that Wrestlicious pilot the two decide to watch the whole thing on air. (:14) And if you have the same knowledge of the podcast as I do, you also know fully well how well their commentaries run on the show. It's not helped by RD's forced laughter at the whole show. Drunk with power from doing the progrem for too long, just having fun with the whole thing...or it's just hiding secret self loathing of it all? YOU make the call.

You can watch some sort of synchronized segments of that episode here, or you could instead read what Clarence "Showstealer" Mason thinks about it in the posting up above. For now though, here's a 'teaser'.

2 Minutes in: My god this sucks.

5 Minutes in: Why are they rapping?

8 Minutes in: My god this show sucks


15 Minutes in: I have lost the will to live.

18 Minutes: I give up. This is not Wrestlicious.


Blade's auction of that rare NES game was sold for around $9400. (:37) Nintendo John and his audience calls in to congratulate him.

:44 Sir Alec reads a single line from Tammy Sytch's Facebook page before bidding us "Ciao." Somehow I don't think he's actually a classically trained British actor. Blade generally deconstructs the whole progrem for us. The HorseTrolla alerts us to Mickie James' new single.

Question from an Eric: (:58) Some badly punctuated non-question about Bret Hart. That couldn't have been the only letter they got all week, could it? Blade has found his new TNA guy (:62) but he's yet another no-show, so Dixie Carter is forced to call in instead.

:69 Some people got future endeavored, including Paul Burchill, another victim of the Curse, and Maria, which would obviously sadden the Midnight Rose. Hornswaggle is hawking random cereals but I have no idea which ones because I wasn't paying attention at that point.

The two then rap randomly for some reason.

PB is my name, to win is my game,
And to beat all challengers against my name.
You must pardon me if I seem quite vicious,
I do what it takes to be Wrestlelicious.

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