170 Tough But Entirely Doable: March 26, 2010

(Simply Blade)
75 minutes

Wrestlemania XXVI is just around the corner, but Blade is too drunk AND hungover to care. He still has that menstruation fetish of his from last time, and regales us about Don Mason's snatch.

For some bizarre reason RD does his best Wilbur impression as Dixie Carter's father "Colonel" Bob. (:11) He doesn't deliver the TNA news sadly. Nor does Al Isaacs for that matter.

:23 Instead of watching WM Blade wants people to insult him on a spin-off wrestling show that will never get made. RD wants it to be called Blade's Audio Ejaculation. [Mrs. Blah! Get Gay Popeye on the Phone! - "Showstealer"] In the meantime Blade eats some more Doritos, including the Cheeseburger At Night (not to be eaten during the Day or Afternoon) and First, Second, and Third Degree Burn flavors.

:39 Kim Page is reuniting with her ex-husband in Atlanta for doing some Yoga for Regular Guys thing. Blade, still smitten with her after getting her Head, wants to do a threesome with the duo.

That WWE Heroes comic isn't doing so good with the critics, one reviewer (not Dave Meltzer) giving it a negative 3 stars. Blade is so angry at a 'video trailer' for the series (!) he accidentally ruins some of his stuff. I can't blame him, I would do the same too.

Question Of The Week: (:55) NotInTheFace thinks Blade is writing for Wrestlelicious and wants a job.

Blade's too drunk-over to do his imaginary TNA guy impression, so RD has to invite some last minute candidate instead. (:57) Unfortunately it turns out to be Mike Check as the Governator as Nathaniel as (Sir) "Stewart Patrick". You know him; friend of Alec and star of Star Trek: The Previous Generation. He's definitely phoning it in from his busy schedule, not even bothering to hail them on a viewscreen or teleporting into RD's living room. BUT at least RD does a better Brit Twit than his Co-Fruitcake. And he has time to make a bad joke about a Rob Van Dam Grand Am. "Get in your car and do some Van Damage. HOT DAMN it's a car!" says he.

"The ring rope must be drawn HERE!
This much, and no further!"
Stewart: "I'm leaving now."

Where's Mike Check to say "fascinating" when you need him? (/Picard Headpalm/Facepalm)
[As our anonymous friend in the comments says it IS Facepalm not Headpalm but COME ON. With Picard's Chromedome it SHOULD be Headpalm - "Showstealer"]

:62 Wendy Richter is being inducted into the Hall of Fame, but will she thank the Fabulous Moolah in her acceptance speech? Is Goldberg planning to return to WWE? RD has today's Induction to fight against it about his horrible WM XX match against Brock Lesnar. Some more random talk. I honestly wasn't paying much attention at that point.

Entirely Doable Haiku in seventeen syllables:
I honestly don't give a
flying motherfuck.


Anonymous said...

Where's the link to the actual radio show itself though?

Premier Blah said...

Oh! I forgot that. :S Thanks for the reminder.

showstealer1829 said...

That's slander dear sir! We'll see you in court

Clarence "Showstealer" Mason
= Or not. Clearly our next hire shood be a prof reder Blah :P

Premier Blah said...

For all he knows I could be Blade on the side. Miller Lite and V8 does taste really good when you get used to the taste... ;)