032 An angle on Angle: June 30, 2006

Ode to Kurt Angle
(45 minutes)

Blade promises the ECW Zombie will be on next week's show. RD promises the return of the Mailbag on next week's show.

RD's Trip to the Grocery (:06) has been voted the most popular segment on this wrestling podcast. Superman has been invading the grocery of late.

Obscure Wrestling News: Kurrgan is going to be in a movie (300). (:11) Jake Roberts caught a 45-pound fish. (:14)

Sad News: The Pirate was fired because McMahon is behind the times. (:20) Even more Sad News: Diva Search 3 has begun. (:25) SPEAKING OF bitches RD and Blade discuss their favorite animals in the WWF. WWE loves poop and male ass. ECW's Kelly strips every week down to the same bra that she can't seem to get open. (:30)
Arrr! 'is ship 'as sailed.
RD tries some wrestling analysis and Blade gets bored. (:32) The majority seems to think RD gushes over Kurt Angle. [Which is certainly NOT going to be ironic in the next few years... - Future PB]

First Ever WrestleCrap Tanka:
Kelly's Expose.
The only thing that's been ex-
posed is the simple
fact that Mr. Laurinai-
tis sucks as a talent scout.

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