025 Komedy with a capital K: April 7, 2006

Komedy with a capital K
(47 minutes)

Blade's pants are a mystery.

RD says the old inductions mostly suck. Last week's callers were revealed. Heel RD needs to return. Blade and RD will meet for the first time soon.

RD's trip to the hillbilly Wal-Mart (:09): For Blade's arrival, RD has purchased Boo Berry. RD has lost 25 pounds since January 1. RD has been told that there will be an Easter Egg Hunt at a local funeral home, and it's the third annual. (:15) Jokes about hunting for hairy testicles are made.

Eyewitness testimony from Dr. Keith Lipinski that WrestleMania 21 sucked. (:18)

Obscure Wrestling News: Ricky Morton was in a car wreck. (:32) Nikolai Volkoff is attempting to get into politics, but he cannot escape his wrestling past. (:34) RD suggests he team up with the Iron Sheik and do things the old country way. Barry Darsow signed a Legends contract. Question of the Week from Shark Boy Fan: something about leprechauns and toadstools. These questions are really light in being actual 'questions'. (:39)

Not Indianapolis to be sure, but a remarkable simulation.

Blade Brakestown's Wrestling Haiku:
Forget old Conan.
Here's Triple-H as Gonad
the Barbarian.

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