049 I have something to say...: January 19, 2007

I have something to say...
(97 minutes)

The Lions suck, so Blade must recite many listener-submitted insults. Blade fights back with an insult book printed in 1965.

[One particular limerick Blade had to say made me laugh the most (:24):
Hello, my name is Blade,
A really stupid wager I made.
Luckily I didn't ask
To caress the Deal's ass
'Cause God knows, I need to get laid.

-Future PB]

The manuscript of the WrestleCrap Book of Lists has been completed. Pick it up in the Fall.

RD's Trip to the Grocery (:10): American Idol ice cream sucks. Birthday cake ice cream tastes like feces.

Obscure Wrestling News: The Warlord signed a Jakks deal. (:25) Ivan Koloff is now licensed to conduct wedding ceremonies but does not provide "cake location." (:34) The Iron Sheik got drunk again. Monte Brown will be called Marcus Cor Von in WWE. (:48)

Blade and RD go through the list of potential WWE Hall of Fame inductees for many, many minutes. (:58) At close to 40 minutes long this is by far the most they've ever spent [or ever will spend] talking about an actual wrestling subject.

Seventeen Syllables from Our Fellow Crappers:
Detroit Lions stink.
Demolition weren't that good.
I like to eat poop.
Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)

Blade: "I think Erik Majorwitz, Erik Majorwitz should be the next co-host, but it probably would take me took long to get the money to call Germany."


  • The big loser to my big winner, Mr. Blade Braxton
  • WrestleCrap Radio Sponsors: 3. Global Internet, Chic-fil-A, NyQuil
  • URLs not taken: 1. PoonTangAPlenty.com
  • SPEAKING OFs: 7. The Lions, fascinating, Jon Thomas, Mr. Fuji leading them in song, Verne Gagne, Sherri Martel
  • Dave Meltzer, not talking about: 0.
  • Outdated references: 2. Buck Owens, Teddy Ruxpin
  • I didn’t even know he was sick: 0.
  • F-Bombs: 1. Blade
  • I have something to say: 25
  • Krankor Laughs: 7
  • Weird Al Laughs: 2

  • Mickie James References: 3
  • Ken Patera References: 2
  • Mailbag: N/A

  • Say a name, Hall of Fame?
  • Both say yes: 18. Von Erichs, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Ultimate Warrior, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Honky Tonk Man, The Original Sheik, King Curtis Iaukea, Howard Finkel, “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, Mr. Fuji, Nick Bokwinkel, Mummgamad Ali, Mr. T, Dusty Rhodes, Bon Uecker, Rocky Johnson, Wild Samoans, Bob Backlund
  • Both say no: 3. Dick Ebersol, The Bushwackers, Big Boss Man
  • RD no, Blade yes: 4. Ric Flair (active wrestlers should be ineligible), Ken Patera, Rick Rude, Brooklyn Brawler
  • Hogan picks: 9. Von Erichs, King Curtis Iaukea, Howard Finkel, Rick Rude, Wild Samoans, Big Boss Man, The Bushwackers, Dusty Rhodes, “Macho Man” Randy Savage

  • Blade Braxton’s Weekly Wrestling Haiku:
    Detroit Lions stink.
    Demolition weren't that good.
    I like to eat poop.

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