050 King Kong Bundy: Komedian!: January 26, 2007

King Kong Bundy: Komedian!
(66 minutes)

A new promotion called WSX is about to make its debut on MTV. Because when you think MTV, you of course think professional wrestling.
Blade: "It makes me want to grab a monkey and sit on the street corner dressed like Al Capone."

In 2003, Rachel Ray posed in the kitchen for FHM. Sad News: RD's favorite show Passions, a soap opera, is being canceled. (:04)

RD's Trip down Emerson Avenue (:10): White Castle is taking reservations for Valentine's Day.

Both the Co-Host Contest music and the WrestleCrap Radio Gong debut. RD predicts that the Contest will be a trainwreck. (:26)

RD announces that Lance Storm will be a guest on WrestleCrap Radio. Blade remembers when they had to cut out a piece of the Co-Hosts being absolutely filthy on April Hunter a week before the Vince Russo interview.

Speaking of trainwrecks, Obscure Wrestling News: King Kong Bundy has started a stand-up comedy career. (:30) Sad News: Dirty Dick Slater was arrested for violating a restraining order to cut off contact from the girlfriend he stabbed in 2003. (:35)

Mail Bag (:40): Mike Polin wanted Lanny Poffo to make an appearance in 90's WWF rather than just collect a paycheck from WCW for doing nothing. Blade thinks Poffo's 'perm juice' would have made for a good in-ring weapon.

Bam Bam Bigelow died. (:48) RD gave Blade a shirt from the first Survivor Series.

Blade tells of his favorite Royal Rumble. The episode is deemed a "trainwreck" and would have been gonged if it were a contestant.

Seventeen Syllables:
The Royal Rumble.
Every man for himself. Sounds
like a circle jerk.

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