048 Andre the Giant...Drunkard: January 12, 2007

Andre the Giant...Drunkard
(79 minutes)

The majority of work on the new book will be done in three days. The two earlier books did mega business over in Canada for some reason.

RD sings some Freddy Mercury. Speaking of getting your nuts split...RD says, "Whenever I think of the testicles to take care of me, I think of you, Mr Braxton."

RD decides to hold a contest to look for a fill-in co-host, (:18) in the case that either of them might not be able to record an episode, which makes sense...until you remember that most of the time if neither of them makes it then no show is recorded in the first place. [Still, speaking of ideas that were good at the time...]

WCR is up for voting for an award at http://wrestlingradioawards.com/. Give them a vote if you want.

Obscure Wrestling News (:25): War of words with the Warrior on eBay. Assy McGee has sued Mr McMahon's Kiss My Ass.

Blade hits the bottle segment is canceled because Blade's resolution is to not drink alcohol. RD proposes the Drunktrolla.

Modern Drunkard has an article about Andre the Giant, (:34) who drank 7000 calories worth of booze per day. Once he drank 119 twelve-ounce beers in six hours before passing out.

Mail Bag (:43): RD admits that he renamed this segment months ago so that he wouldn't have to hand out prizes. Blade named his penis Blad the Impaler. He also lost his football bet. Matt in Nashville has a suggestion about classic stories. Chris thinks Balls Mahoney should be renamed Enlarged Testicles. (:51)

At New Year's Revolution, Blade held up a sign behind Jim Ross that read, Mickie, Lift the Tail!!!. (:53) Khali can't speak well. (What could you expect from a man with teeth the size of thumbnails?) Umaga is headlining Raw.

Seventeen Syllables of This Week's HOTT HOTT Wrestling Haiku:
Rosie and Donald.
The bitch ate a fudge whale, the
match sucked Moby's Dick.

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