086 Reindeer Leapfrog: December 7, 2007

RD's Reindeer Play Leapfrog
Reindeer Leapfrog
(79 minutes)

Xmas crickets. Blade is the Bushwacker Luke of WrestleCrap Radio. The WrestleCrap Book of Lists!!! is out in finer and not finer stores.

Someone rearranged RD's skeleton reindeers so that they were playing leap frog. (:19) Blade says, "I thought you were going to say, 'Get on all fours like Linda McMahon and start barking.' "

Blade's Trip to Mexico...Missouri (:24): Jerry Only gave Blade his shirt.

Obscure Wrestling News (:34): Midgets of Insanity and semen-filled explosions. Anonymous Brooke vows/threatens to be on TNA and in Playboy. I think TNA isn't comparable to AAA baseball, it's more like a has-been league. Gail Kim is single. Blade is speechless. They call her a pan-face (isn't the term butterface?). RD thought Fantasy Booking Island would be a surefire hit. He proposes the WrestleCrap Carolers send in clips of themselves singing Jingle Bells. (:43)

Horsetrolla: Trolla products keep the show on track. (:49) Francine to wed. No cake, just a salt lick. JBL called Lillian Garcia a horseface.

Question of the Week from Raging Demons (2) (:55): Resurgence of fake wrestlers? RD remembers a previous Mail Bag segment in which he was constantly shilling. (:62) Black Scorpion 3, David Sheldon, Angel of Death, died.

TNA's four briefcases on four poles match. (:66) One had a pink slip, one had a title shot certificate.

Next week's Anniversary Raw will be three hours long and staffed entirely with WCW players. (:72)

Seventeen Syllables, All You Need to Know:
Fifteen years of Raw.
At this rate, I'd say about
six years too many.

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