087 Mira-Hall on 34th Street: December 14, 2007

RD marks out for Jillian Hall
(78 minutes)

Yes, that IS Stephanie McMahon wearing a Matilda shirt.
This show has many teases for next week's episode.

The first instant WrestleCrap induction: Julian Hall's five-song Xmas EP. Blade still loves his Matilda stuffed animal. RD has given up trying to have a clean show. Worst ever impressions. Gay wookie kissing. Speaking of transsexual dinosaurs...

RD's Trip to the Grocery (:19): all the Xmas food gimmicks. RD wisely stocked up on Little Debbie cakes before Thanksgiving.

Obscure Wrestling News (:27): Christy Hemme has posed for Jason Beam as Red Riding Hood. Blade and RD explore the Hogan energy drink brother website, with a special appearance by JT Titty. (:33)

Question of the Week from Zane (:37): More praise about TNA's simplicity and how it has spread to other promotions. SPEAKING OF TNA, they beat WWE in the ratings, well, WWE's ECW anyway, well, on a different night too. (:49)

Blade and RD recap Raw's 15th Anniversary show,  (:52) featuring the return of Bastion Booger, this time wearing clothes. Molly Holly got shafted. Blade loved Steve Blackman's gimmick.

A Kinder, Gentler Haiku:
Jillian's jingle.
I have nothing bad to say.
I would ring her bells.

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