116 The Purge Continues: August 22, 2008

WWE's Purge Continues
(74 minutes)

This week's Induction: Jillian Hall's mole. It Came From YouTube: Snitsky's incomprehensible Amsterdam phonebook commercial. Someone Bought This: Nunzio Elf Costume... "signed" in BLOCK LETTERS, as mentioned before. Click here to bid on the part of Regal's suit that was ripped by Jamie Noble and can't be used again.

The show opens with Blade thanking people for synching the interactive parts of WCRadio to video on YouTube, like last week's Tarzan Boy, which was created by Forgotten Sin. RD suggests that this site you're reading right now can be "a little critical" (:03).

Raw beat Monday Night Football last week, which would be impressive if this was before the year 2000 and if it wasn't a mid-August pre-season game (:05). Blade threatens to write ad copy for Angry Marks (:11).

RD met Kofi Kingston and Victoria last Friday night (:13). Victoria talked about custom cycles and Kofi signed RD's BW3 menu that lists the Caribbean Jerk Sauce (:19).

RD's Trip to The Mini-Golf Mini-Park: Titanic redemption machine (:23).

Sad News: Highlanders released (:27).

Obscure Wrestling News: RD doesn't get Umaga, (:29) who has gone into "FATAL ERROR" business with Charlie and Jackie Haas (:32). Brian Christopher was kicked out of rehab (:35). Horsetrolla: Lillian Garcia is 42 (:37).

Sad News: Colin Delaney released (:40). Tony Atlas "rocked" a sleeveless shirt this week (:42).

Question of the Week from Premier Blah (2): The Blade Hits the Bottle music is discussed [and the segment actually gets an answer, from me no less. PB] (:45).

Sad News: Stevie Richards released and for once, it truly is sad (:50). TNA should hire him and cut Scott Steiner. TNA Peter Gazer no-shows for the third time in four weeks.

Dream Analysis: Blade dreams of Neve Campbell getting sexually assaulted by an assassinated Vince McMahon (:59).

Sad News: Cherry released (:64).

In regards to the "Championship Scramble," RD correctly comments, "what a stupid match that is" (:70). Make that two matches. [...three. Maybe the creative team has been suspended for 30 days. --ed.]

Seventeen Syllables About One of My Favorite Nitro Girls of All Time:
Whisper's big fat lip.
She's had fat lips ever since
she had Shawn's love spawn.

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