117 One Diva a Time: August 29, 2008

One Day At A Time
"worst wrestlecrap ever" (:57)
(79 minutes)

Induction: Will Sasso vs. Bret Hart on WCW. It Came from Youtube: Blade just found out that Brother Midnight fell on hard times at the beginning of 2007. The next WCRadio is scheduled for September 12.

The theme song to One Day at a Time opens the show. (Forgotten Sin has posted this commentary on youtube. Check the sidebar for more.) (B.B.M. had made a gif of Mackenzie Phillips dancing. 1.4 MB) "In this week's new induction, Triple Kelly theorized perhaps that Bruno Sammartino and Schneider should've had a WWF title match in 1977" (:04). RD says the 12 listeners have plenty of free time. I, for one, save nearly five hours a week by skipping through the mediocre parts of WWE programs.

Blade's in a band now, because the best time to start a band with a "metal-Misfits feel to it" is when you're thirty-three (:07). RD wants to call it "Blade Braxton and the Hobo Six." WC Fantasy Football is beginning. It has been 18 years since Blade's favorite gimmick began, so he has reposted the Black Scorpion bunch as the Jobber of the Week (:11). There's still no bignippledvampire.com (:12), despite the fact that Google charges only $10 for domains. Blade dates a Diva (:16).

RD's Trip to the Grocery: RD finds pizza Pringles Stix in the Salty Snack aisle (:21). Blade's obsession of Taco Tico brings the show to a halt.

Obscure Wrestling News: RD says, "Never thought I'd be happy talking about wrestling news" (:24). 4-year old Blade liked getting erections for Sigourney Weaver. RD finds the themes to Maude and Alice (:28). "Wrestler's Rescue is holding TWO, separate events to help raise monies to support the health care needs of Retired Professional Wrestlers due to a career choice in wrestling." Guest-stars include some of The Bad News Bears (:33). Terri Runnels has a food session (:40). RD dates a diva (:45).

Statement of the Week from Double J: In May 2007, someone posted RD Reynolds shoots on Jared from Subway, from the February 23, 2007 show (:50). Jonathan Coachman now works for ESPN. Blade dates a diva (:53). TNA Peter Gazer flakes (:59). I like this gimmick better than him actually showing up. RD dates a deever (:63). Misses Deal gets Jim Ross on the line to talk about his BBQ Sauce (:65).

Blade says, "that overly-critical guy at wrestlecrap.blogspot.com ... is going to tear this thing a new asshole" (:69). RD and Blade compare the WWE Universe to the Masters of the Universe (:71).

Seventeen Syllables to Get Twelve Listeners Off:
Mick's in TNA.
Wow, golly. His debut ra-
tings? Still 1.O.

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