138 Release The Boogeyman!...Again!: March 6, 2009

Goodbye Boogeyman...Again!
73 minutes

Sad News: Boogeyman fired. Again.

Speaking of deja vu Damien Demento is still continuing his heroic barrage on our Co-Hostess Fruitcakes. Blade aims to recruit Don...Don Mason and Peter Gazer to help him plan some sort of revenge. Oh good: Don could repel him with his mask while Pete will love him and/or make awful jokes to death. (:08) RD tries reading the Angry Marks ad copy as Chewbacca.

For no particular reason we talk with Stubby for a bit. (:15) As if the show didn't have much time to waste already... He reveals that he was revived with the magical powers of a beaver who liked his wood. That's it. That's the joke.

RD's TRIP to the Grocery (:20) had Blade rediscover the Star-O-Saurus. Vanilla milkshake pop-tarts are discussed (but not toasted).

Obscure Wrestling News: Mr.T refuses to be in the totally authentic WWE Hall of Fame, citing Pete Rose's presence in it. (:25) He should cut the jibberjabba and know that that thing is a work only for punks like Hulk Hogan, FOO! RD does an impression of him as Dr. D through Jeff Foxworthy. The Co-Fruitcakes go over other celebrities who should be inducted post-haste.

The Iron Sheik will have some iPhone apps. (:34) I know I'll buy a few if they include his insanity and great one-liners in full. He can make a tutorial program: "How to Camel Clutch and Humble B Brian Blair Old Country Way."

This week on WrestleCrap Fan Fiction Theatre: (:37) Sir Alec Heineken narrates for us a heartwarming porn story with CM Punk & a dominatrix Michelle McCool to the sounds of Moonlight Sonata. I'm expecting Rolling Stone to give it 5 stars like they give just about everything else.

Report of the Week (:44) with our fellow Crapper Jason "Jared" Rodicker reporting on Todd Bridges' wrestling from last week. Needless to say Todd sucks, participating in a six man heel turn while people infringe on RD's wrestling gimmick.

Mike Check tunes in for our amusement. (:50) This week: remembering Paul Harvey, his time at KZZO "Kazoo 92" in Laredo Texas, The Great Kazoo, Don "Wild Wild" West and being Juan Sanchez on the Don Juan Siesta Drive (for two weeks only).

Jim Ross livens things up by calling in, angry at his representation on the site. (:62) He calls out RD for not being in the Hall of Fame or something. Any excuse to call in, I guess. Steve Austin shaved off his goatee. James Snuka is a walking corpse. The show is meandering harder than a river.

The Co-Fruitcakes sing in tribute to the Boogeyman.

[This week's WrestleCrap.com update caused the url VinceRussoWatchesHisBeardGrow.com to be taken.]

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