WrestleCrap Fan Fiction Theatre Episode 4: "Childbirth"

“Jason Reso, I swear to God you’re never touching me again!” Christy Hemme-Reso screamed loudly as she squeezed her husband’s hand. She took a deep breath as her contraction passed and released Jason’s hand. Trying to shake the circulation back into his hand, Jay reached for a towel and gently pressed it to Christy’s forehead, brushing some of her red locks out of her face.

“You’re doing great honey, really.” Jay said supportively as he removed the towel.

“That’s easy for you to say,” Christy laughed, “how about you lay down and have to push this kid out and I’ll hold your hand.”

“I would if I could,” he lied with a smile.

“Sure you woul…ahhhhhhh…” Christy clutched Jay’s hand once again as she was hit with another contraction. When the contraction passed, Jay handed her a cool glass of water which she gladly gulped down.

“Okay Christy, we’re almost there,” the doctor said. “Now, next time I need you to give me a really good push.” Christy nodded and looked to her smiling husband who already had his hand ready for her.

“Squeeze away baby,” Jay said as she took his hand just as another contraction began. She squeezed Jay’s hand so hard he winced in pain. Screaming again, Christy pushed with all of her might. Suddenly the pain subsided and the cries of a newborn baby could be heard.

Crying, Christy pulled Jay down for a kiss as the nurse took the baby to be cleaned and examined.“Congratulations, you’re now the parents of a beautiful baby girl,” the nurse said holding the little pink bundle for the couple to see.

“Christy, isn’t she beautiful?” Jay asked but instead of a response he heard his wife gasping for air before she began to violently convulse. Alarms began to sound loudly from the monitoring equipment hooked up to Christy as the doctors swarmed over to the women, a nurse gently pulling Jason away from his wife. “Christy?”

“Sir, you need to step outside,” she said leading him to the door.“What’s wrong with my wife?”

“You need to step outside sir,” the nurse said sternly as she pushed him out of the door.

Pulling at the door handle, Jay realized the door was locked. Looking through the tiny bit of glass on the door he watched as the doctors frantically moved around his wife and he couldn’t help but notice the flat line the heart monitor was displaying. All at once, the doctors stopped their frantic movements and pulled the bed sheet over Christy’s head.

Tears fell from Jason’s eyes as he continued to try to get into the delivery room. He looked from his wife’s covered form to the new baby on the examination table. How was he ever going to raise this little girl on his own?

The tragic end.

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