139 Rise of the Midnight Rose: March 20, 2009

77 minutes

Blade took a recent stint in indie wrestling as the Midnight Rose, and he's even got (another) irrelevant MySpace page to prove it. (At least until he forgets its password or updating it.) Blade attributes this success to carrying his mask everywhere with him.

The Three Faces of Blade (not starring Joanne Woodward) apparently consist of Blade, this new Pink Assassin Midnight Rose, and Slice of the mysteriously hidden Last Name. He's also going to RAW with front row and center tickets. (:07) RD thinks Blade having sex with Mickie James on TV will raise ratings. I know one thing it would certainly raise...(:09)

It seems this Pink Rose has also driven Dependo's profile from YouTube, giving him the opportunity to lie in wait creating his next attack against our Co-Fruitcakes. (:10) Believe me, he will. Although the way things are going with RD's Popeye impression as a gay sailor, I think he doesn't need to lift a finger to sabotage the show. He can just let them do all the work for him.

Also for some reason the web page has a third sponsor, topcasinodirectory.com. But they say nothing about it here. I'm assuming Dependo hacked into their page.

RD didn't go to the Grocery at all during last week's haitus, instead taking another TRIP to Disney World (:17). He saw Rafiki there again. Chief Strongbone gives a 'How'. (:22) RD met the world's most effeminate Peter Pan. Are you sure about that?

Time for FanFiction Theatre! (:26) This week finds Stephanie McMahon with Trish Stratus re-enacting the end of The Crying Game. [That's too recent a movie for Vince to have heard about.]

Obscure Wrestling News. (:34) Lacey Von Erich is in some film or other. Bobo Brazil Jr is in some indie show and Triple H is 'expected' to be there.

This week's Question (:40) sees a German Crapper by the name of Wolfgang Uberhard sending 80's German porn music.

Mike Check tunes in. (:45) He didn't watch TNA due to recording trouble with a James Bond movie. Instead he talks about his time at KPPV "Mix 106" in Prescott Arizona. Did you know he was in a show named the Car Tunes Afternoon Drive, and he was once Mad Dog McGoo in The Deputy Dog Show?

He does get off (literally) to SoCal Valerie (by Steve Winwood). Speaking of which we badly segue into the two commenting on a Don Mason tribute video, Call on Don , which combines his masked dancing with some recent music video thing. (:57) The Co-Fruitcakes talk about the arousing images of Don with the intercut music, and if dancing Don is your thing, who am I to complain? (Weirdly enough Steve Winwood DID work with a Mason. Not Don though.)

Blade has some Did Ya? (Fun Facts) segment to mock the WWE's own, with expected terrible results (:63). Blade found a random hat. Koko B. Ware is in the Hall of Fame, but there's no word yet on if Frankie will join him. (:65) Duran Duran's Planet Earth is watched. (:67) Did they collaborate with Steve Winwood though? The Diva Battle Royale is discussed just slightly. (:71)

(Concocted) Seventeen Syllables:
A Diva Royale.
You know it won't be complete;
We need Hervina.

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