150 The Call-In: July 17, 2009

80 minutes

click here for a loverly message of congratulatons!RD plays random ZZ Top songs for them being on RAW next week. Blade wants Vince to listen to the Human League. RD prefers Asia. They then discuss some more random time-wasters. Like this show? Blade thinks the show is a good middle finger to any person who likes good taste, i.e. everybody else. RD thinks the show has 1800 listeners, give or take a few thousand.

The phone rings as Global Internet's Greg finally makes good on his desire to call in to set these two fools straight. (:12) He disclaims a few things, including all those sexual allegations and the fact that he doesn't wear a yellow jumpsuit like Gilbert Lowell. Blade still thinks their sites can give you good chances with strippers though.

RD has an idea for the TRIP by taking a celebrity with him every week on the air. (:17) His first guest for this week is the Zombie. Yes, the former ECW wrestler, finally appearing on this show after that no-go with their first interview many years before. He still uses an old Walkman with Whitesnake tapes and thinks Missy Hyatt is working at the grocery late at night giving him dirty looks. Blade unintentionally insults him by asking about Doritos. No cereal for him though. He can also be found here and here.

The phone rings again for BM Punk. (:31) He gives his usual spiel. RD thinks of him as their 'first' repeat guest (I thought it was John Thomas), but he has 'better' distractions than him though.

Like THIS man, Sir Alec. (:34) He's still evasive about Mike Check, knowing the true story that he faked his own death to work on another radio station. Today's story is about...RD and Blade? The Co-Fruitcakes manage to shut him down but can't stop his usual cheering audience. In response an interested Gay Popeye calls in. His call, summarized: Ah gyuk gyuk gyuk gyuk! (:42)

Jim Ross calls in, as jovial as ever. (:44) He still likes ZZ Top. That's all the Obscure News we'll get too, shoved up our fucking asses.

Today's Question. (:50) RD still pronounces Ed Salo's name wrong. (4) He also reads his question wrong, which is about the WCR Curse. Blade remembers referencing Michael Jackson a few weeks before. And at risk Joyce DeWitt has a scary mugshot. RD: "What a mess this show has been!"

In response to talking about TNA reporting, RD's Dixie Carter impression calls in and makes a randy Blade laugh hysterically. Sugar. (:56) He needs to work on her Nathaniel-style laughter though.

In response to THAT Peter Gazer and his fancy music call in. (:61) He didn't 'kill' Mike Check either, although he's happy to see him gone. It's also happy for his birthday on the day as he takes a shot on the air (as far as we know). His drunkenness eclipses even Blade, the man notes, most possibly preparing for his own next drunken attempt. An again interested Gay Popeye tries calling in again. (:69) His call, summarized: Ah gyuk gyuk gyuk gyuk!

Why can't more women look like this?
No snark this time, this is a serious wondering.
(For once.)
Thankfully that nonsense is brought out of the way by Stubby calling in (or pretending to call, he is a ventriloquist dummy after all). (:72) He spends his time making fun of Mrs Deal. He's also inherited Blade's love of Mickie James, this week in some sort of Raquel Welch-cavewoman bikini. I'm glad he didn't call his penis a mammoth tusk.

RD: "I like how there's been nothing on this show. It's kind of the epiphany of the last 150 shows all rolled into one big pile of nonsense."

Seventeen Syllables of Goodness:
Hundred-fifty shows.
Thousand-fifty references
to Mickie James' ass.

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