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RD, Blade, we love you guys.

To honor you on the occasion of your 150th radio progrem, we have put together this small tribute.

We asked our fellow crappers to share their favorite memories of WrestleCrap Radio.

Boy were we were surprised when they did!

This was the best one:

Don Mason and his dad finding a guy banging a horse.

More specifically,

My absolute favorite Wrestlecrap moment was the Horsetrolla segment from show 118. In the midst of horse-related news, Blade abruptly throws a question at RD, asking if he'd ever told the story about Don Mason and his grandfather walking in on some guy smurfing a horse.

What followed was approximately three seconds of dead air, followed by a smash cut to the show's ending theme. But the show did not end, and RD very quickly segued to the next segment before Blade could finish his story.

As the audacious question caught me completely off my guard, I soon found myself in a fit of uncontrollable laughter. I had to stop the progrem for several minutes while I regained my composure.

Blade nearly killed me on that one.
--TV's Mr. Neil

The rest fit nicely into several categories:
  • Blade's Humiliations
  • RD's Trip to the Grocery
  • Guest Callers
  • The Time I Part of the Show
  • The Drafts
  • Other
  • Miscellaneous
  • Odds & Ends
  • More Other

Our sincere thanks goes out to the crappers for their immediate and cordial responses.

Blade's Humiliations

My favorite moment has to be the show where Blade lost the Lions-Colts bet and had to say anything crappers sent in. Messages like "Don't be bashful, have a sandwich" "It's not my fault I cry during sex. It's just that I'm so darn inadequate" and "Some of the Colts players have nice butts" resulted in a laugh out loud riot.

"I have something to say!!!!!!"
--Forgotten Sin

Blade's story about how he trashbagged it in a house that he was working on, which ends up with someone saw him do it.

Another classic moment for me was Blade told us a story about he and one of his many girlfriends did it in the Katie Vick costume.
--The Monarch

I know I'll never forget Blade's stories of trashbagging it. I particularly liked his stories about being pulled over by the Police with a bag of crap in his trunk. I also remember him being pulled over by customs in Canada. But I forgot what it was that he was so embarrassed about them finding.

RD's Trip to the Grocery

It's funnier when he gets something British or European that I take for granted and it seems alien to him.

Guest Callers

My favourite WCR moment was when Brother Midnight, just for a short while, made Angry Jim Ross happy. Sadly it didn't last past the end of the show, but the exchange was pure gold.

This past episode was probably in the top 3 funniest due to Angry JR rant on Colonel Harland Sanders, and dropping a Mikhail Gorbachev reference. And John Thomas shows up again.
--Well, You're Wrong

I got back off holiday yesterday and came home to a real treat. the inane referrences were real classics, especially JRs one, probably the funniest moment bar RDs "his legs don't work" comment.

One of my favourite moments is when Angry Jim Ross made his debut. Blade sounded nothing like JR, but I can see what Blade was doing with this. He was doing a parody of JR's Heel promos. People can talk about how Blade doesn't sound like JR or it isn't his personality, but we don't care, because it's funny. Some of the characters on WCR were nearly all stale, until Angry JR came along. It's great to hear him nearly everyweek.

The debut of Sir Alec Heineken was so funny, I nearly had to pull over my truck because I was laughing so hard at the erotic adventures of Triple H and HBK.

A bit of self indulgence for me: when RD took my quote about Blade sounding like a "bill dodging drunken hobo", thus spawning HoboMania with Blade.

The many interviews, particularly Russo, have to be mentioned as great memories, and I can go back and listen to them now and still enjoy them immensely.

Two funny little stories that have stuck in my mind are Rafiki and his bananas at Disney World and Blade's encounter with Skeletor. If ever a WrestleCrap Radio Carnival were to set up both acts would have to be booked instantly.

I also highly enjoyed the Co-Host contest period- whether the entrants were good or not it was fun stuff. Some of the most brilliantly random tasks possible.

The running gags, former running gags, endless Trollas and TNA Correspondent duels, and the colourful recurring characters are why WCR is the only wrestling podcast I listen to. If I wanted plain ol news and srs biznuz chat I'd stick to a forum. The wacky and at times not-remotely wrestling based nature of WCR is just plain entertaining.
--Tea and Crumpets

The Time I Was Part of the Show

My best memory is my tryout for the co-host contest. It was an odd experience because I never talked to either of them before, yet for me at least it was like talking to people I knew for years. Improv seemed natural.

RD asked if they could go through the show and make fun of my Snitsky Foot Fetish comment, I told pretty much said that I'd be more offended if they didn't.
--Paul Servo

Well there was the debut of Johnny 6, debut of John Thomas, Blade trashing Ashley with his "500 miles" song, Deal leaving the show which caused Blade & Trash to take over, debut of Blade "Hitting The Bottle", the spectacular bomb of "Fantasy Booking Island".

But what's more special is the three or so times they read my "Questions Of The Week".
--Raging Demons

My own personal memory would be that within a week of starting to listen to this show, they were answering my questions for the mailbag/qestion of the week.

A second would have to be listening to the two of them in the "Blade Says" episode where they debated who should be in the HOF and who shouldn't be.
--Ultimate Kennedy

The Drafts

It was an episode from about a year ago, it featured the following:

Zookeeper Scott Hall
Charlie Minn....found!
The Awesomeness that is Two of Hearts by Stacey J
The Indiana Jones Adventure Spoon.
The First mention of Terri Runnels' Scam.

Honorable Mention will go to the DraftTrolla episode of this year. Of course, Gay Popeye automatically equals win.
--Logan H

The Draft is my fav...
--Red Lobster Coven

I always liked the non canon episodes, especially this years draft special with Gay Popeye's trip to the grocery. I also enjoyed the Christmas episode where 'crappers sent in their carols. You can tell R.D. and Blade have a blast with those ones as you can hear them almost lose it themselves.

A personal favourite of mine is Paul Ellering's "cornmeal frosties", I think that was the debut of the sad news music too.

Honourable mention has to go to the episode where they exchange Dodge Omni/Plymoth Horizon stories involving RD having to circle a parking lot to get up enough power to negotiate a hill and Don Mason not putting Blade's car in park while filming their movie resulting in it rolling down the neighbourhood.

Good times.

This year's draft was great, but my all-time favourite was the one where Shane McMahon was on the loose.
--Templeton Peck

The draft episode, good times.

I'm still saddened by the loss of Mike Check.
--Beep Boop

Here are some moments of note from a particular Angry Mark (.com)...

I have so many fond memories of WrestleCrap Radio, it's hard to name them all, but if I had to pick a few...

* Earthquake! Such a gentle giant, such a tremendous man, so sorely missed. That's about where I started.
* The FABULOUS Vince Russo interview.
* The Horse-Trolla debuted.
* WCR described Mickie James as CENTAURLICIOUS.
* Stubby went up in a fiery blaze.
* Getting all of WrestleCrap's (more than) 12 listeners to sing Jingle Bells.
* Angry J.R. made his angry debut (never a more fitting reason for AngryMarks to be a sponsor).
* The day RD played my HOORAY FOR KHALI CLAUS drop on the show.
* Peter Gazer, TNA correspondent.
* The Black Friday where RD was scared for his life as hillbillies opened palettes with bowie knives.
* BLOW ME.................................. DOWN! (RD can say what he likes, Gay Popeye is *****.)
* Every 17 syllables from Blade. They renewed my love of the haiku (I won a poetry contest in 4th grade writing haiku).

There are so many more, but that's a good list for now.
--Stevie J

And now, a special message from the show's other Freebird...

Hehehee, "show's other Freebird". I like that. I think I'm the Big Daddy Dink of the show, LOL.

Let's see favorite moments.....

1) Early on in 2006, just after I first discovered this site, I was up late at night laughing my head off 'til I couldn't breathe because of the 2nd Wrestlecrap Radio wherein Blade talked about Kurt Angle treating the Hulkster with such care in the ring, he'd tuck him into bed and give him some "Mommy's milk", which resulted in The Real Deal losing it completely and I soon followed suit. From that point on, I was hooked on the website.

2) Lance Storm's candid and humorous interview with RD and Blade. The fact the WWF/E could completely ignore him and give him stupid gimmicks that he himself tried to make work is a true testament to Lance's professionalism and the WWE's lazy stupidity.

3) VINNY RU on WRESTLECRAP RADIO!!! What a coup that was. Now if only he could get Bryan Alvarez and Vinny Verhei, we'd be in business.

4) The Co-Host Competition. I really didn't think it'd go past stage 1 so I figured I'd call in, have some fun talking to the guys and that'd be it. Boy, was *I* an idiot. :) But it did lead to my induction writing position that I'm proud of and I have RD and Blade to thank for that.

5) RD and Blade interviewing John Tenta. What a nice, funny guy. I particularly enjoyed his remark about sharing (almost typed "sharking", lol) a subtle camaraderie with the 1% of fans that wanted to see Earthquake, the big bad heel, beat the crap outta the Hulkster.

6) The WCR after the 1st "ECW" show on Sci-Fi. The Zombie audio clips were making me cry with laughter.

Those are the big moments that stood out for me personally.
--Triple Kelly

And finally...

WrestleCrap Radio is the only wrestling podcast that I listen to. As a matter of fact, right now it's the only podcast I listen to. Why, you ask? Surely there's better podcasts out there?

Maybe, but you are probably only asking that in that self-depreciating humour that the show is famous for.

The fact is that WrestleCrap Radio has that "anything can happen" aura about it that just can't be beat. You never know what obscure 70's TV show is going to be referenced, what wacky, yet dirty stories are going to be told, or whether they just happen to actually talk about wrestling this week.

My favourite WCR moment of all time has to be the classic "Mommy's Milk". What was an innocent discussion about the upcoming Hogan/Michaels match at SummerSlam 2005 suddenly took a sharp left into Wrongtown thanks to Blade. This, combined with RD's reaction, had me holding onto my sides like a vicegrip to keep them from splitting.

In conclusion, WrestleCrap Radio is more or less the fuel that keeps me running at peak excellence. The signature doesn't lie, the new show each Friday is one of the highlights of my week. The show is the 1 hour a week where I can get away from the drudgery of looking for a full-time job to have a cheap laugh over two guys prattling on about things that may or may not be wrestling.

And for that, I say thank you.
--Excellence of Execution

Here's to 150 more,

Premier Blah, Iggy, and the Crappers

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