182 "Timeout real quick: who's Becky?": August 27, 2010

78 minutes

SPEAKING OF shows about nothing...
This week Blade is 'sober' and 'drinking coffee.' Unless he's drinking Irish coffee or 'coffee' is an euphemism for sex, don't believe him. He sure doesn't sound sober (un-drunk?) on air, which would be a change from the norm. Of course, he's far more entertaining when off the wagon.

A grasshopper named Michael appeared in the Roast instead of the crickets, so chalk up yet another mistake to RD. He tries to get around that by thinking Gene Shalit as the Penguin was on Entertainment Tonight for some reason instead of Lenoard Maltin. He also feels like this show could be the new Matlock and cater to an older demographic.

Sad News: Evil Knievel has been deceased for three years. Even more Sad News: RD's Wikipedia page is about to be deleted. Blade once had to use a cardboard box instead of a trashbag.

:18 Don liked to make dry ice bombs while working at the grocery. He also went down on a girl once without needing any whipped cream. RD plays Don's theme to shut Blade up. Meijer's now has Smoothie Bars and glass bottled (Mexican imported) Coke with real sugar that both he and I love.

:34 The Midnight Rose will be at a Nebraska indie show on Saturday. Scott Norton is now truly at the bottom of the barrel, now being a bodyguard for a Playboy Playmate with a reality show. Her husband isn't well liked in Indianapolis for his antics at the Superbowl. SPEAKING OF football Blade wants to bet money on the fantasy football league because he keeps losing due to dumb luck, but since he's ersatz-drunk he's bound to forget to put that into motion, Emperor willing. In the meantime he loves Kelly Brook from Piranha (3D). He also thought he saw J.T. Titty there (in 3D) but he was mistaken. She's actually in training for her first fitness competition. Best of luck to her.

:52 Shawn Michaels is running some family fun center now. You need to wear socks for entry though. Blade thinks you can wear socks on your penis which is great if you aren't a woman.

:56 Question: Bob Taco thinks Blade is a (trashbagging) scrapper.  Blade disses the guy for actually sitting down on a toilet to do it. "You gotta stand up." RD: "This is way more than I ever wanted to know."

:60 John Kelly knocks on the door. TNA is going to make an Italian guido-ess character named Cooki as portrayed by Becky Bayless. Blade is so 'drunk' he repeats how he got into an argument with his ex-girlfriend over the wrestler on Online World Of Wrestling. RD wonders what I'll title this week's episode. [At least with Blade bringing back the argument you didn't go with the cliche "Cookies. Cream. Trashbagging" - Clarence]

:69 Sad News: Tiffany has been suspended for shouting at her husband in a hotel. Who wants to pay her $25,000 bail? Serena Deeb has also been future endeavored for her drinking trouble. MVP wants to be a rapper. RD now likes Smackdown now because of Oberto/Alberto Del Rio, but Blade calls him Albert because he doesn't know any better. Though, he can call you Becky if you can call him Al.

Seventeen syllables of something to say:
Albert Del Rio.
Translated literally:
Albert of river.

RD: "Sometimes I question why this show has lasted six years, but with insight like that I think we're good for another six."

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