RD Reviews the "WWE Network" on YouTube

It's been mentioned on the latest episode of Wrestlecrap Radio so...(Whoops!)

Raging_Demons here once again, yes the OTHER RD, here to take a look at the potential pile of...Oh who I am kidding here. It is a pile of Wrestlecrap waiting to be inducted which is the "WWE Network's" new bunch of shows on the YouTube. Now for those of you that don't know or are too lazy to click on the link [or check the summary about it below this post - PB] WWE's cable network called (creatively enough) "WWE Network" has been delayed; but they decided that the show, or in this case SHOWS, will go on by putting some of the planned programming on their YouTube account. Deal already covered one of their steaming piles of crap but what about the other ones? The ones that'll give you nightmares like anything else WWE releases, & trust me about WWE & their entertainment programming since "See No Evil" gave me too many nightmares of Kane playing "pocket pool" in front of that one chick. So without any further delays let's take a look at what WWE has to offer.

1. "Santino Marella's Foreign Exchange"

Hey lookie here. Santino Marella gets his own "man on the street" show & let me tell you it BLOWS! Mostly the show lets Santino try to create the funny which is in essence is a bad idea because these type of shows aren't funny at all to begin with. Then you add Santino trying to bring his show into WWE continuity, which is shown by the most recent episode with Santino trying to be serious with the rest of the WWE roster either not going along with it or in Daniel Bryan's case sticking to his character & pooping all over it like drinking the water in Mexico; then what you have is a really bad show. If you want a funny "man on the street" show go watch Comedy Central's "Jon Benjamin Has A Van".

2. "WWE Backstage Fallout"

Basically this is an "After The Show" show that's been getting popular thanks to "AfterBuzzTV" & TNA as well. If you want to watch it go ahead but honestly I think it's a waste of time to watch shows like these if the main show didn't make you happy afterwards. I mean, is there anything else you have to learn from this week's show by having Primo & Epico claim they are awesome yet again?

3. "WWE Presents"

Basically this is WWE's attempt by covering events that WWE talent does away from WWE. When you start this show's series with the FREAKING Bella's! Just cancel the show. NEXT!

4. "WWE Inbox"

WWE wrestlers answer your questions...In YouTube form! Don't we have something that can cover this called "Twitter" & doesn't every member of the WWE roster (except Sheamus) have a Twitter account? What's the point of having this show in the first place? NEXT!

5. "WWE Download"

Dolph Ziggler gets a show that rips off "Tosh.0" & "Web Soup" by making fun of online videos with his "wacky" & "zany" humor that he writes himself! This is show is bad for the following reasons: 1. Ziggles gives away the joke when he describes the damn clip! 2. Ziggles writes his own jokes & he's not funny! 3. Ziggles' WWE character is not supposed to be funny yet when we give him a show like this we're supposed to assume he's Ziggles "The Jokeman"?!? Uh...no. I mean I COULD go on & make fun of how Ziggles is about as funny as watching a guy who watches paint drying but we got more bad crap we need to cover here.

6. "Superstar Toyz"

Okay a show about WWE Stars & their hobbying/collecting ways. Something I can get interested to; then we take a look at the first show which is Alberto Del Rio "buying" a new luxury car. Little known fact here; Del Rio DOESN'T own all of his cars. It's just that WWE RENTS them from local dealers so just by watching & knowing this little fact there's no way you can watch this.

7. "Outside The Ring"

Interesting concept here in that we take WWE talent & take them away from anything WWE-ish so we can see what they do. This episode we have The Usos cooking some Samoan food. I actually liked this episode. What can I tell you, I'm a sucker for food that I haven't tried before & especially if that food is Samoan food. This could be a show that I...GULP...Like.

Of course I'm not going to mention the previously mentioned "Are You Serious?" & Zack Ryder's "Z! True Long Island Story" which moved over on this channel but let's get to the bottom line here which is this:

Under any circumstances DO NOT & I mean DO NOT watch any of these shows! Myself & this website will not be responsible for what might happen to you in the near future if you do. Besides, they're going to be inducted as Wrestlecrap in the near future so you don't have to watch them in the first place.

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