WrestleCrap Fan Fiction Theatre Episode 12: From My Chocolate Heart To Yours

From My Chocolate Heart To Yours
Written by HeartbreakDX
As narrated by Sir Alec Heineken

"Hi Hunter!" Shawn said, bouncing up and down in his friend's face.

"Hi Shawn." Hunter muttered, trying not to smiled at the blond's hyperness. Out of the corner of his eye he saw one of the camera guys with his camera but he didn't really care.

"GUESS WHAT!" Shawn shouted, his bouncing becoming higher and higher.

"Shawn. How much chocolate have you eaten today?" Hunter asked him, raising an eyebrow and eying his hyper blond friend.

"Ummmmmm...errrr...huh...I dunno...wooooo room spinning!" he exclaimed, twirling in place as he leapt into the air. Hunter grabbed Shawn's shoulders and held him in place.

"Come down from the sugar high Shawn before you hurt yourself." he laughed.

"Mmmm ok, GUESS WHAT!" Shawn continued.

"What Shawn?" Hunter sighed exasperated, shaking his head.

"ITS VALENTINES DAY!" Shawn screeched.

"I know that Shawn." Hunter said, laughing again.

"I got you your gift!" Shawn said brightly, holding out a small red chocolate heart in the palm of his hand. It was the same gift Shawn had always given him but it had always touched him.

Hunter took it, looking into Shawn's sugar-brightened eyes. Those eye that haunted his dreams and melted his heart. Those blue-grey beauties that he just loved to lose himself in. He couldn't stop himself, acting on an impulse.

He pushed Shawn's body back against the wall and claimed his friend's lips for a deeply passionate kiss.

At first Shawn tensed against him but he soon relaxed, wrapping his arms around Hunter's neck and responding greedily. Neither noticed, nor cared about the camera recording every second.

Finally, Hunter and Shawn had to break apart for air. He didn't let go of Shawn however, as both men caught their breath. Instead he drew him closer against him.

"How long." Shawn finally asked softly.


"How long have you had feelings for me Hunt, how long have you wanted to kiss me?"

Hunter sighed and blushed a little pink, looking into Shawn's eyes once more.

"Since the first Valentines Day we knew each other when you gave me the first chocolate heart."

"You've had my heart in the palm of your hand for a very long time Shawn. I love you."

Shawn grinned and wrapped his arms around Hunter's neck again.

"I love you too Hunter. That's why I've been giving you the hearts."

Hunter smiled too, which quickly turned into a smirk when he lifted Shawn off his feet and the smaller man wrapped his legs around Hunter's waist.

"I do believe there's a locker room bench with your name on it Shawn." he growled in the blond's ear.
Shawn just giggled in response as Hunter carried him off.

The End.

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