RD in "Raiders Of The Lost (Mike) Check" (Part 1)

Why do I have to be the person to do this?

Raging_Demons here…unfortunately. When fellow staffer R.V.M.'s Kai recruited “Angry Jim” to the site to answer his mailbag it turned out to be a success here at the site.

Unfortunately it turned out too well.

Now our boss Premier Blah wants ALL of us to bring in WCR characters in to the site! With PB going to handle Trolla Corp, Clarence Mason going to his law practice & R.V.M.’s Kai already having “Angry Jim” (What? Brother can’t have two?!?) It leaves me with the unfortunate task of getting someone here on the site! COME ON! Can’t the guy who brings in the whores & the booze get a free pass around here?!? But NNNNOOO!!!!! Not only do I have to go out & bring one of them to the site but I’m bringing in Mike FREAKING Check out of all of them!

Now for those that haven’t heard about Mike Check well then thank God you are one of the lucky ones. But if you have heard of the man let me pose a brief recap of the man that is Mike Check.

Mike Check is a very old Radio DJ with over 25 years of radio experience that the Deal hired to be a TNA Correspondent, Mike Check left the show "dying" by lighting a cigar conveniently near a fireworks factory which at the time tied with Johnny 6 as the longest reigning TNA Correspondent ever. Well that was the story until Mike Check re-appeared at the “Wrestlecrap Radio Celebrity Roast” so he can try to gain royalties by appearing in the DVD.

Why did Mike Check fake his death? Well according to the man it was to increase the sales of his T-Shirts and Stickers that his daughter, who’s a hell of a whiz kid according to Mike Check, sent over to Wrestlecrap.com. Then if things weren’t weird enough we find out later that Mike Check was being hunted down for unpaid child support ranging up to $500,000 at least for not paying for over 30 kids that he has! Of course with that much unpaid child support Mike Check was sent to jail, which he admits to this day that he wasn’t accused for, with his one lone daughter, who is once again a hell of a whiz kid, supporting her dear old dad by whatever means possible. Months later it looks like Mike Check’s daughter set up a website for her dear old dad called “The Mike Check Show”.

So now you know the story of Mike Check but something really odd popped up with recently. Last time we had heard anything of Mike Check he was locked up in Folsom Prison which is located in Sacramento, California. Recently, Mike Check made an appearance at the Series Finale of Wrestlecrap Radio which was recorded in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Here’s the question; how the hell was Mike Check able to leave prison and travel at least 2000 miles?!? You'd think someone that has escaped prison and traveled that far would raise a few eyebrows? Or what if Mike Check was able to leave prison a free man? If that’s the reason then how was he able to clear all of his charges which would include paying all of that overdue child support?

I wish I can get any of these questions answered but unfortunately I can’t. After his WCR Series Finale Mike Check just somehow disappeared from the face of the Earth and nobody has seen nor heard from the man since with the exception of the occasional post on his website. Nobody even known what Mike Check’s “whiz kid” of a daughter’s name is or what she looks like with the only description of her is that she’s basically a giant whore of a woman. So what am I supposed to do if I can’t find the man? Unfortunately I have to find him myself! Unfortunately!

I first started in my search for Mike Check by going to the men that most recently knew him; RD Reynolds & Blade Braxton! They did not respond to my questions about where Mike Check is and in all honestly I really don’t blame them! I called Folsom and they couldn’t give me a clear answer on how Mike Check got out of prison but all they can tell me is that he’s no longer there. With Mike Check no longer in prison I really had no clue in where the man is at and I had no idea in how to find him. So it looks like I won’t be able to find Mike Check so Hooray! Yeah I wish I was that lucky. PB says that I HAVE to find Mike Check or else he’s going to feed me to Zombie Nathaniel who is locked up right now in Trolla’s Research and Development. Damn it! I got to find Mike Check! Damn it all to bloody hell!

My first attempt at finding Mike Check is by re-listening to all the episodes he appeared in “Wrestlecrap Radio”. After listening to those episodes I would rather have been fed to Zombie Nathaniel than to listen to any more episodes featuring Mike Check but they didn’t provide any clues at all since he was literally all over the place country wise. I try to find anything that would mention any hints to Mike Check’s other kids that may be looking for him since they are his dad or maybe the parents to those kids are looking for the man to get the long lost child support that Mike Check owes. That was a giant can of worms that I accidentally opened! Too many kids looking for their Mike Check daddy and too many abandoned mothers looking for their money! The line of people wanting Mike Check is almost the equivalent of a nerd herd waiting for “Diablo 3” to be released! After hours of convincing all of them that I was looking for Mike Check as well they left me alone. The unfortunate hunt continues.

With no possible leads I somewhat gave up and headed to my home away from home which is my local strip club. I was there not only to relax but trying to bring some girls home since PB ordered for 2 blondes, a brunette, and a redhead. [The usual.] One of my “Stripper Friends” (a stripper that happens to be a friend of mine that I have no physical attachment to at all) came up to me and told me this really weird story. Apparently she met a blonde with really big boobs acting all funny; my friend was telling me she was doing “extras” in the VIP room because she can “smell it” (don’t make me go there) on her. The story continues that “this blonde” was going on and on about her dad wanting to team up with Rick Dees (a local Southern California DJ Legend) to be on KIIS FM’s morning show so he and Rick Dees can quit the station so they can form their own radio station “KBRO” The Burro and that it will “Play Well In The Market”! Well this “blonde’s” dad is so out of date since Rick Dees is no longer there and was replaced by Ryan Seacrest and…

Wait a damn minute! “Plays well in your market!?!?” NO WAY! I mean…NO WAY! Could this big faked boobed blonde be Mike Check’s daughter?!? I mean, seeing a blond with big, fake boobs in a strip club is about as common as a fish in an aquarium but the way this story turns out? It can’t be? Can it? I asked my friend if this blonde was a “hell of a whiz kid” and she did mention that one of the girls backstage had a problem with her smart phone and the blonde fixed it in no time! JACKPOT! I asked my friend if I can speak to her but unfortunately she didn’t come into work today because she kept telling people that she had to go to Sacramento to do a favor. Sacramento?!? Oh this is getting better and better! Folsom Prison is in Sacramento! But why is Mike Check’s daughter heading BACK to Sacramento if her dad is no longer in prison? This is getting very interesting here...

It looks like there are more questions there are answers here and unless I don’t want to get into trouble I have to go on a little field trip to my state’s great capital.

That’s right Raging_Demons is taking a TRIP…to Sacramento!

(To Be Continued)

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