WCR Poll 6: What Was Your Favorite WCR Christmas Story?

Thanks for voting. The results for our 2012 Christmas poll:

This poll was conducted to find out your favorite story told during the Wrestlecrap Radio Christmas Specials (2006-2011).

  • The most popular (and best IMO) was "The Reuben Trashbagging Story". Reuben was Blade's 'not so bright' ex co-worker, from his flooring business, who brought a "used" trash bag inside the house to collect sawdust. Not only did it stink out the place, but it happened while the owners happened to be conducting an inspection. It's too bad that the poor guy with "a kid and a car payment" eventually got let go.
  • Coming in equal 2nd was a story about the way RD's discovers the "truth" about Santa. While visiting Santa at the mall as a child, like lot of us, he was expecting to meet a bearded, old, overweight Caucasian male. But seeing an African American man in a Santa suit can sort of change your perspective on things.
  • Also in 2nd place is one of multiple Don Mason (Yes, I'm talking about Don...Don Mason) stories. In this classic, Blade recounts the time Don told him that using dessert toppings improves oral sex because it removes the "salty taste". That’s some very good advice from a very very strange man.
  • In 3rd place is the Don Mason story where he wanted to get into bed with a woman who was (to put it politically correct) "small in stature" and who also happened to be married. Why Don wanted to do this? Who knows? To understand Don's logic is more mind boggling than...did I mention he was a strange man?
  • In 4th we have RD's story (one of two which were actually about Christmas) where he took RD Jr. to the zoo to see Santa. Deal notices that Santa's mailbox is a barely disguised trash can. I guess even Santa has been suffering during these tough economic times when he can’t even afford an actual mailbox or at least afford some decorations to cover up the fact that looks like a trash can.
  • In last place (which did at least get 1 vote) was the story of when Blade and Don as kids gave the poor “hobo girl” the middle finger while they drove past her in Blade’s Mother’s car. Well, at least we know that in Blade’s case: (*puts on sunglasses*) "Khama is a bitch".

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