Vince Russo

To say Vince Russo is a very divisive name in the wrestling industry would be a gross understatement. But he is not one to be disregarded so easily, especially with his WrestleCrap ties.

Hailing from New York and originally a video store owner, Russo worked his way through 90s WWF to become head writer behind the Attitude Era. In 1999 he made the jump to main competition WCW to help save the floundering company both in and out of the ring. Results were...not good, to say the least (not all of it his fault of course), until his release a year later. He then had an on-and-off discreet working relationship with TNA over the ensuing decades. Much of his work has been inducted, and still is even now. He also made an appearance on the front cover of The Death of WCW (twice). He currently seems to have left the industry for good though.

Russo was interviewed by RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton three times on WrestleCrap Radio. The first (halved) in early 2006 after the release of his first book Forgiven, was a fairly typical one by interviewing standards, even for the radio progrem. The second four years later, recorded after the release of his second book Rope Opera, discussed almost no wrestling at all, and as a result was much more jovial. By the third yet another four years later on the RD & Blade Show, things were split between wrestling and other more personal stuff. From there, Russo and RD found they had a lot of shared common ground and interests and soon became good friends, especially as they became more spiritual in their lives.

In July 2021, Russo announced that his second show on his newly purchased RELM Network (later renamed Channel Attitude) would be a video podcast co-hosted with RD called The Joker's Mustache about the Batman 60s TV series, starting in August. They also recorded a few specials for Patreon supporters called RD vs. Russo.

From December 2022 Vince also returned to his writing background for Wrestlecrap, penning a weekly column on his time in the industry.


  • Has Batman, Baloo, and Jackie Gleason tattooed on his right arm. 
  • Is a huge baseball fanatic.
  • Has a fondness for pole matches and Russo Swerves and pole matches with Russo Swerves.
  • Was behind Wrestlecrap's first ever Gooker (2000) for WCW World Champion David Arquette.
  • Was also once WCW World Champion. 
  • Does not mind signing any copies of The Death of WCW.
  • Calls his unit a "gimmick".
  • Once had an employee named "Dawgman".
  • Often trash talks his website colleague Jeff Lane.
  • Has a profound disgust at his wife using all the condiments at once in a burger or sandwich. 
  • Once watched the wrong Batman episode. 
  • Met RD in person for the first time in 2023.
  • Sometimes calls everyone Man.
  • Bro.
  • Interesting.

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