Episode 8: SammarBruno: February 4, 2013

20 minutes
Bromo-seltzer? That's not wrestling!

RD does his Jim Nantz impression.

Blade was amused by the Superbowl sportscasters entertaining the people during that power outage.

RD fails to be obscure. He makes up for it by attempting to off track things.

Blade is happy that his Ravens won. HOWEVER...he rooted for the Browns to win, who weren't really playing. Points for effort, though. (:06) He makes up for it with some bad laughter.

Mrs. Deal is listening to their recorded phone conversations now. Poor woman. (:08)

Bruno Sammartino freezes Hell over again due to his entering his archenemy Hall of Fame. (:10) Blade remembers Don playing a "retarded" Bruno on LJN Wrestling. He then does his Lord Alfred Sammartino impression. RD was initally disappointed...by Blade's choice of words. He remembers the greatness that was MicroLeague Wrestling. (:18) That thing is certainly due for a remake/release one of these days.

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • The RD & Blade Show Sponsors: 1. McDonald’s McBites
  • Erik Majorwitz’s Weekly Wrestling Haiku: I can’t even fathom RD:
    Big Bull Nakano,
    with Gorilla Glue pigtails,
    is on RD’s must tap list?

  • Erik Majorwitz’s Weekly Wrestling Haiku: RD had a drinking problem back in the day:
    Makeshift shot-glass
    with Iron Sheik thumb wrestler?
    A humbler tumbler!

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