Episode 9: Thought For Food: February 26, 2013

Poor Virgil can't afford a train ticket?
27 minutes

Blade wants to see 80-year old women breastfeeding on the silver screen. Discussion about Carrie Fisher's age ensues.

Blade has a midget fetish. (:03)

RD likes Lay's new potato chips, much to Blade's chagrin. He remembers when Don would do his Julia Child impressions.

RD has had mixed success with chicken waffles. The one at Disneyworld confused him the worst. Blade tries to control himself. RD is the only person who remembers Vanilly Captain Crunch.

RD: "I've never had a potato pizza."

Blade is in a (another?) low budget movie. (:16)

RD doesn't know what Kurt Angle is doing right now. The Undertaker is making random appearances. Ricky Morton is still alive. Sunny is still a trainwreck. Blade does a masculine female voice and vice versa. RD's Mrs. Deal sounds like RD's Dixie Cater. But of course.

RD would go on and on again about the ideal Trish Stratus hair color, but then he remembers Mrs. Deal is the only person who listens to their 'show', so he stops himself. (:24)

Virgil is being...Virgil. Nothing more needs to be said.

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


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  • I didn’t even know he was sick:  1. Julia Child

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