Episode 7: Scrambled Bets: January 31, 2013

"The Old Friend"
28 minutes

Blade compares RD and himself to Ewoks. RD counters with the Holiday Special. Do you remember the time when Blade and Don called Hillbilly Jim "The Old Friend"? (:03) Heated discussion about "Vince's Limo Driver" follows.

Claire Lynch is your 2012 Gooker. (:06) Blade wants RD to meet the lady. RD enjoys proving Justin Henry wrong. Blade has a bad memory. You don't say.

"My Little Pattie" Trish Stratus is a HOFer. (:10) The two still argue over her hair. "Trish facially is hotter," Blade conjectures.

The Royal Rumble shot one person in the eye for some reason. (:12) RD recounts being injured in Trash's basement. Discussion about bootleg PPVs and wrestling hairstyles follows. Blade wants the "balding Barry Darsow" haircut.

Blade won his Pro Bowl bet, whatever the wager was. (:19) RD wonders if long snapping is a bettable stat. He also wants to replace the bet with one for the Superbowl, expecting the Niners to win despite a "mall punk" being their QB. Blade is confident his Ravens will break the Hobo Curse due to once being the Cleveland Browns. Or something.

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • SPEAKING OFs: 2. Hall of Fame week, which

  • Super Bowl Pick
    RD:  49ers
    Blade:  Ravens

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