Episode 22: Question Period: November 21, 2013

49 minutes

Still a better show than anything
in NBC's current lineup.
Sad News: Blade is not familiar with Jim Nantz. He makes up for it by laughing rather weirdly.

RD is offering a (fascinating) Mike Check bumper sticker to anyone who gives him a new intro phrase. (:04) Sad News: RD can only do his Black Friday special offers in the continental United States. (:08)

The two are literally phoning it in from their beds: "In Bed with RD & Blade" as RD terms it. (:11)

RD asks Blade for his (one) most creative WWCR moment. (:12) Blade is (also) stuck on Mike Check for some reason. RD borrowed a Star Wars Episode I pinball machine complete with Jake Lloyd (Jr.) yippee action. (:14)

Blade remembers his first Don Mason movie he made 25 years ago. He's so happy (drunk) he audibly yawns and mixes the two podcasts together. (:19) RD remembers 'encountering' Blade for their new podcast 'promo'.

RD is not looking forward to the next Black Friday due to the fear he may not meet any 'unique' people this time around. (:22) He was however happy about how his Halloween turned out, which he tells us about. Blade wants to enter a Target department store in a desperate attempt to get him some sweet sweet loving. Poor guy.

You can never have a Christmas without bad Christmas treats, according to the two. Apparently Red Velvet Little Debbie Christmas cakes taste horrible, so keep that in mind. (:26)

Blade rewatched Santa Claus Conquers The Martians for some reason. It's the progrem so nice the original MST3K crew will cover it for a third time. (30)

Blade is considering taking Stubby to Kmart on Black Friday to buy a John Cena boys' shirt. Blade promotional considerations for it in his Nintendo John 'impersonation'. Sadly his audience does not make the expected appearance.  (:34)

People on RD's Facebook page ask for more wrestling news for some reason, so they discuss...Vicky Guerrero and her taint. (:39) This of course segues into women's ages, birthdays, and Dick Woerhle. (:43)

Mickie James was spotted at WWE's Training & Performance Center., which sadly isn't a name for a stable. (:45) Sad News: Betty Crocker is not real. Could have fooled me!

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • The RD & Blade Show Sponsors: 3. WrestleCrap.com, Little Debbie, USA Network
  • URLs not taken: 0.
  • SPEAKING OFs: 2. Christmas treats no longer tasting like they are supposed to taste like, going shopping and such
  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 1. Nintendo John
  •  F-Bombs: 1. Blade
  • Blade Time Outs:  9

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