WCR Video: Who's Becky?!? RETURNS!

I know we played this already earlier in the year but recently our favorite Becky, former TNA Knockout Becky "Cookie" Bayless, has been feeling pretty blue as of late according to her Twitter account.

Since we here at Wrestlecrapradio.com are big fans of her and especially one of favorite stories. We dedicate this to our favorite Cookie &and we ask one more time "Who's BECKY?!?" (from Wrestlecrap Radio episodes #44 and #182)

(Video by pdonkulous81)

[edit]...And here's an animated re-enactment of what Blade's "Who's Becky?!?" story would have looked like:

(Video by R.V.M Kai)

...And be sure to visit here for the archives

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