WCR Video: Wrestlecrap vs Demento (Part 1: The First Shoot)

Seeing that WCR Videos are running out of "brand new" videos to feature, for the upcoming few months we will feature a 9 part special about wrestlecrap.com's feud with former WWE wrestler Damien Demento. For those who don't know, Demento in late 2007 started uploading videos of himself on YouTube complaining that the Internet wrestling fans were referring to him as a jobber, since his most remembered match was the one where he lost to The Undertaker in the main event of WWE Raw's first episode. In particular, Demento took exception to the "Who's Damien Demento" comments made about him on Wrestlecrap forums & then proceeded to label the website as "WrestlingCrap". Although (fortunately) Demento has deleted many of his old rants, here's RD Reynolds' & Blade Braxton's "YouTube shoot", from early 2008, in response to him:

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