WWE Niagara Falls Cup (R.I.P. 2002-2014)

 by R.V.M Kai

We at wrestlecrapradio.com have received some sad news that would bring a tear to Robert Gibson's glass eye. On February 9, 2014, RD Reynolds of wrestlecrap.com discovered that his "WWE Niagara Falls Cup, has suffered a crack & will be permanently "put up on the shelf".

@WrestleCrapRD made the announcement on Twitter saying: "Cue the sad news music. My WWE Niagara Falls Cup has a crack. Going to have to wash it up and put it up on the shelf next to my You Suck tie".

The WWE Niagra Falls cup was purchased by RD Reynolds in 2002 at WWE Niagara Falls which was a retail store that WWE once operated in Canada (it has since ceased operation in 2011). From there, this "Stein sized" mug played an important part on Wrestlecrap Radio and The RD & Blade Show, where RD used to "take a sip" from it in order to quench his "dulcet tones" before every show. The cup was first featured on WCR's 2nd episode's cold open and has been featured on just about every podcast ever since. The WWE Niagara Falls cup was just 12 years old when it "cracked", but it will live on upon RD's shelf, and in our hearts, for many years to come.

So in memory of The WWE Niagara Falls cup, I have prepared a special Haiku:

Niagara Falls Cup,
You carried R.D.'s water
But now, only dust.

R.I.P. 2002-2014
Didn't know you were sick?

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