Episode 25: Wooooing Cough: February 21, 2014

"Granny Panties" Machine
65 minutes

((( recorded in high phone-buzzing over-modulated fidelity )))

Sad News: RD & Blade are doing another recording two months after the last one. Say, did anyone remember when they said they wanted to do THIS show more frequently because WWCR also started the new year in two months later? About that...

ACTUAL Sad News: RD cracked his Niagara Falls Cup.

Blade asks RD what his favorite episode of the old show was because he's run out of ideas. RD reads over 'summaries' of the new show. (:05 - :14)

Sad News: Dick Woerhle is still no longer with us.

A bored RD goes through his Skype contacts. (:15)

Blade is still looking for a third Co-Hosss.

Sad News: Blade hasn't found any new Doritos flavors in recent days.

RD is willingly drinking Gatorade to battle his cough. (:21) He then mocks confused grocery shoppers with his Nathaniel Senior impression.

The Co-Fruitcakes wonder about the many new flavors and varieties crowding the food industry these days. Blade responds with his habitual obtuseness.

(Sad?) News: Blade is to 'star' in another of his friend's horror movies. (:32)

RD customized his Royal Rumble Pinball Machine and is willing to sell it off. (:37) Blade wants someone to Photoshop something involving Miss Elizabeth.

The WWE Network is still in plans to launch very soon. If hell freezes over and it actually does it has quite a lot of stuff that would interest somebody or other, including some classic stuff. RD does his Nathaniel Senior. (:40)

In response to a potential placing of NXT RD mentions Impact's 'ratings', which are as real as the city of Atlantis. (:48)

Blade is happy CM Punk has 'left' WWE because he doesn't have to subject himself to watching RAW anymore. (:49)

RD reads his Facebook page on the topic of great Divas' feuds (to see on TV) as an excuse to mock his Listeners. Blade considers Fabulous Moolah, Wendi Richter, and Rockin' Robin as 'hot'. (:53)

Sir Alec calls in to end the show. (:58) He 'recites' a Jeff Hardy promo, though it's hard to hear him through his loud music, the bad phone quality, and Blade distracting him with his laughter.

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • The RD & Blade Show Sponsors: 5. Gatorade, Blade’s next movie, Indy Go Go, USA Network, The Incredible Hulk
  • SPEAKING OFs: 2. Miss Elizabeth, machines you’d put a quarter in

  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 1. Sir Alec
  • Blade Time Outs:  1
  • RD Time Outs: 2 (1 Whoa, Whoa, Whoa)
  • Erik Majorwitz’s Hindsight Haiku: RIP RD’s Niagra Falls cup:
    Niagara Falls cracked.
    Whatever will RD drink from now?
    Dixie cup...sugar!!!

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