WCR Video: Angry Jim Gets Corrected On Commentary

Sad news from the Faxtrolla

It seems that Angry Jim has gone missing. A couple of days ago Jim was in San Jose to perform his One Man Show and was last seen heading to Los Angeles to meet, who he claimed to be a large breasted blonde woman, who wanted to end his "losing streak" (if you get my drift ;) ). Well, it is believed due to his final Tweet, that he was kidnapped by Ninjas & his whereabouts have been unknown ever since. Well, although I'm glad to not have to hear from that angry man anymore, Raging_Demons raised the issue of 'No Jim on WCR = Premier Blah feeding me (R.V.M Kai) to Zombie Nathanial' (and the thought of having my brains being eaten, while having to listen to why The Menagerie are the greatest faction in TNA, sounds like the worst torture ever!). I even contacted his employee former WCW announcer Bob Caudle, and even he has no knowledge of where Jim is (BTW, Bob will be handling Jim's Twitter account for the time-being). Anyway, Sheriff Harry Dickwell is on the case (edit: We now wish we didn't call him) and if anyone has seen Jim, please contact us at...

Wait. Correction. This just in from the Faxtrolla!

We here at WCR have just received breaking news from The Mike Check Show revealing that Mike Check's daughter (aka; the "big-boobed woman") has apparently tricked Jim (via kidnapping by ninjas?) into guest co-hosting The Mike Check Show's their "4 years of Whackin" month. Why she needed to take that type of drastic action just to get Jim to co-host is beyond me, but all I can say is: Phew, my life/job here is safe.

Well to celebrate that good news, we here at WCR will also be playing a weekly "Angry Jim" video special for the entire month of April. And speaking of "making corrections", Jim in the WCR Video for this week (from Wrestlecrap Radio episode #154) is not happy about being called out on the Internet for making a blooper in his WWE commentary by mistakenly calling the "Shooting Star Press" a "Standing Moonsault". And he also tells RD and Blade about being mad at, former "Double Dare" host, Marc Summers for some reason.

(Video by Greg Diener)

Edit: Also make sure to  listen to Angry Jim Ross on Reginald Davis Reynolds and Bladerick Braxton's WrestleRadio #836 Podcast.

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