WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #136: Angry Jim's Dark Journey

In a video (from Wrestlecrap Radio episode #136) which could have also been titled "Horny Jim Ross", RD and Blade discuss finding a rare old video out-take of a younger Jim Ross talking about having fantasies of surviving one of, former Mid South/UWF Diva, Dark Journey's "leg scissors"....and seems to be "loving every minute of it"!

...Oh and don't forget that Angry Jim is currently co-hosting The Mike Check Show during the month of April and currently playing "Loving Every Minute of It" by (not "Dark") Journey...and speaking of Mike Check, this Minisode also includes ole Mike's debut as "TNA Correspondent" on WWCR: THE WHACKER!

(Video by WCR Minisodes)

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