WCR Video: Angry Jim Hates Charlie "Hoss"

This week's video (from Wrestlecrap Radio episode #119 in 2008) Angry Jim vents his frustrations to RD and Blade about hating Charlie Haas' impression of him on WWE Raw...which was probably the worst J.R. impersonation since Ed Ferrara, Vince McMahon and Blade Braxton (wait who???).

(Video Title: "Angry Jim Ross!" by BoondyAlBoondy)

...And here's the "extended version" where you can hear Jim turn the tables by doing an awful Charlie "Hoss" imitation:

(Video Title: "Jim Ross" Calls Wrestlecrap Radio (09.19.08) by Greg Diener)

...And speaking of "hating someone" Angry Jim is currently playing "Everything About You" by Ugly Kid Joe on The Mike Check Show.

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