Rest In Peace Roddy Piper.

The world lost something special today. TMZ reported today that "Rowdy One" himself, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper died of cardiac arrest last night. Meaning that Piper died in his sleep which is a peaceful way to go.

Piper probably became most famous during the 80's when he feuded with Hulk Hogan for most of his career. He also created a landmark event called "Piper's Pit" which was his own interview show which at that time no one had. Piper's Pit became most famous when Piper smacked "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka upside his head with a coconut (which you can see with the following video)

Thanks to Piper's Pit almost every WWE superstar has to have an interview show to basically show their promo skills. Edge, Christian, MVP, Miz, none of them would have their interview shows without Piper. In 1988 Piper took a break from WWE to do a little movie (not one of those god awful movies that WWE makes that causes emotional trauma. Trust me I know and WWE you still owe me an episode of the Joss Whedon classic "Dollhouse" for seeing one of those god awful films) called "They Live!" directed by John Carpenter. The movie was panned by the critics at the time was a really horrible movie but thanks to Piper it became a cult classic that affected a lot of people worldwide.

(videos you see here come from "They Live" which includes the famous line Piper said in the movie, the famous fight scene, and how Piper's movie influenced people like this scene from "South Park" where Jimmy & Timmy recreate this famous fight)

Piper permanently left WWE in 1996 to hop over to the "hot" WCW at the time to once again be a thorn on Hulk Hogan's ass again. Piper made appearances in WCW and other indie promotions even a brief appearance in TNA of all places. Piper re-appeared in WWE in 2005 for his Hall Of Fame induction. Piper continued to make appearances in WWE for such wackiness like winning the WWE Tag Team Titles with Ric Flair of all people, inducting Wendy Richter in the Hall Of Fame, and occasionally bringing Piper's Pit out of mothballs. It was during this time when Piper was sporadically making WWE appearances is when we came in; or more specifically a couple of Co-Fruitcakes named RD Reynolds & Blade Braxton on some podcast called "Wrestlecrap Radio". On this podcast these Co-Fruitcakes will play regularly around Halloween time clips from Piper giving Halloween Tips to young children out there trying to make them safe.

(In fact videos are here of Piper's Halloween Tips and how Piper used to celebrate Halloween in WWE.)

Piper made also some indy appearances as well sometimes wrestling legends matches. His last ever pro wrestling appearance was earlier this year when Piper watched his son Colt Toombs wrestling for the first time inside a "Championship Wrestling From Hollywood" ring. Piper had a podcast on the PodcastOne network (which RD Reynolds recently did an interview for) until it got recently cancelled.

They said that if you believed the actor for playing the character that he is then he's doing a great job. Piper was such a man that became a legend inside and outside the ring that effected people all over the world. Piper was a man loved by all.

The staff here at (Premier Blah, Farmer iggy, Clarence Mason, R.V.M. Kai, myself Raging_Demons, and Erik Majorwitz) along with the website we support which is the staff at gives our condolences to the passing of Roddy Piper and to Piper's family.

Roddy Piper will truly be missed.

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