WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #134: Shane McMahon Is On The Loose

It appears that another T-800 Terminator had appeared on The Mike Check Show yesterday to save Mike and his Daughter from...Shane McMahon??? Yes, apparently an advanced hybrid nano-technological human-cyborg model of Shane-O-Mac, known as the "T-0'Mac" is on the loose. Will the T-800 be more successful than the Megatrolla was at fightin' him on this Wrestlecrap Radio Minisode (episode #134)?

And did Mike Check manage to play another song from the original Terminator film to prevent "Judgment Day"? Find out the answer and then have your mind boggled with more confusing questions right here.

Edit: What?! It now seems that Judgment Day may have not been prevented after all? Another T-800 has appeared on The Mike Check Show today to inform Mike that Skynet has re-programmed him so the Terminators can invade WWE 2K16 to commence Judgment Day. Will his mission succeed or will Mike's Daughter cause another "head explosion"? Find out right here.

Edit Edit: Now this is a funny co-incidence. First, WWE steals Mike's Terminator idea, and the day after this WCR Video was posted, "Super Shane McMahon" is the newest Induction on wrestlecrap.com?

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