WCR Video: The "King Vita Man" Interactive

This is the interactive segment from Wrestlecrap Radio #110 that featured RD and Blade doing commentary on the old "King Vitamin" (or as they call him; "King Pedophile"...which seems like should actually be "Jared's" new nickname) cereal commercials.

Note: We at WCR do NOT actually imply that the old man in this clip is or even portraying a "pedophile", and this is only intended as humor, but I dare you not to laugh when "King Vitamin" (sorry, "Vita Man") making what looks like an "O face" at the 3:58 minute mark! :)

So speaking of "old creeps" (just kidding)...Lord Alfred, if you please:

(Video by Greg Diener)

...And to Mike Check, (*sigh*) King Diamond and King Vita Man are NOT the same guy!

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