WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #009: At The Feed Market

Relive RD and Blade's joy for "The Boogeyman's" WWE debut with this Minisode, from Wrestlecrap Radio's 9th episode back in 2005, and hear about how he broke a clock over his head and 'stole their hearts'. (Also on this Minisode; A trip to the Grocery/Video Store story, news of Ricky Morton being in jail and Tajri's wife being lonely at home because she couldn't get a drivers' license).

...And speaking of "The Boogeyman making a debut", after we all saw (except for Mike Check's daughter for some possible Ultimate Warrior in a mirror type of reason?) 6 weeks of Boogeyman vignettes on The Mike Check Show; The Boogeyman has finally "come to get" Mike Check today during 2015's edition of "Halloween Hootenanny"!

P.S. But since, sadly, all good things come to an end, hear RD Reynolds singing "Goodbye to the Boogeyman" after his 2009 WWE release here.

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