WCR Video: Interactive: (Furthest Thing To) Perfect

On Episode #256 of Wrestlecrap Radio, RD and Blade brought back one of my (R.V.M Kai) favourite segments; the Interactives. For those not familiar, it was basically a segment where the Co-Fruitcakes play a clip from YouTube and provide their hilarious brand of commentary to it. Well after mentioning the name of an independent pro-wrestler "Tommy Lee Curtis", from cwecanda.ca, who's ring-name is the "closest thing to" Jamie Lee Curtis, they wondered if he was related to the actress and can legally call himself "Mr. Perfect"? This then reminds them of some forgotten movie from the 1980's called "Perfect" (starring JLC and John Trovolta) and the song (Closest Thing To) Perfect by Jermaine (we couldn't afford Michael) Jackson, from it's soundtrack.

Anywho, I created and uploaded the video to complement their commentary track of the aforementioned music video...which is the "Furthest Thing To Perfect", let me tell you:

(Video by R.V.M Kai)

Unfortunately, you will not be able to find this song yet on The Mike Check Show due to his annual "Christmas Carousal" now playing during the month of December. But stay tuned.

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

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