WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #047: A HorseTrolla Xmas

Since Mike Check is playing "Santa Claus Is A Black Man" by Akim and Teddy Vann; this Minisode contains the story (from Wrestlecrap Radio's 2006 Christmas episode #047) about how a young RD Reynolds discovered the shocking "truth" about Santa Claus. While visiting Santa at the mall as a child, like lot of us, he was expecting to meet a bearded, old, overweight Caucasian male. But seeing an African American man in a Santa suit sort of changed his perspective on things.

Also included in this Minisode:
  • Custom Cornhole Games all over Indiana
  • Lupita
  • Little Debbie Xmas Trees were gone.
  • RD receives the HorseTrolla
  • Francine un-retired.
  • Dr. Keith sent a magazine.
  • Blade and RD exchange gifts.

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...And Merry Christmas from all of us at WrestlecrapRadio.com!

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